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Your partners career choice


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If the one you love chose a career path that went against your moral beliefs, would you be able to accept it and stay in the relationship? (stripping, erotic writing etc..)

What if wasn't morally wrong, but still not a job you agreed with? Maybe your wife/gf wanted a job that's geared more towards the male species, or your husband/bf wanted to do something effeminate and what you'd consider degrading?

Live and let live, or give an ultimatum?

For me, I'm willing to accept what makes my significant other happy, as long as it's not illegal. On the other hand, I know it would be a little harder to accept something that was a moral conflict, but if I loved him enough, I'd accept it.


no, i wouldn't be able to go always with his choices especially when they are against my morals such as stripping, erotics, porn and stuff like that.[i have no problem with erotic writing though]
the life you want to do says a lot about who you really are. if stripping is all you want to do, then we're not meant for each other.

on the other hand, i have no right to give ultimatums if i knew what his career was about, in the first place. from the moment i agree to marry him, means i accept everything about him and that includes the career as well. i have no right to make him choose between his life, career and me.
so i'll make sure to know what he wants to do with his career before marrying him.
but if something unexpected happens after marriage, if he says he'll change direction then it really depends on what kind of career he wants to focus on.

so i can't give an answer. i'd want him to be happy but he has to care if it's alright for me, too.


Son of Liberty
If I were starting a new relationship with someone, Their occupation would be a fairly important thing to me. For instance if they were like you said a stripper or some sort of other exotic career... I couldnt handle the pressure. Although I like to pride myself on a minimal jealousy streak... I still have one and it'd be my shortcomings in that department that would tear that very important trust that we'd need. The only other career I can think of that would be just as negative on me and tearing my trust would be to work for the Democratic party, dont you have to trade in your soul to work there? :hah:

As far as other careers, I'd say in the long run it'd start to bother me. But in the short run I could handle anything. Whether or not I'd adapt is a question I'm not prepared to answer. There would be a lot of talks regarding my feelings on the situation, some would probably turn into decent fights and some may not be that bad at all. But whether or not I could adapt... I dunno really. I guess it would really depend on how much I love and trust that person.


Wanna play?
Porn star totally slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder Eli. At least we know who has the true gutter mind. :lol:
That's absolutely something I couldn't accept. Pretty sure I'd have a problem sharing my man with all those vaginas.


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Moral beliefs are one of those deal-breakers for me. Them having drastically different beliefs than me would be a problem; them making a career out of it is worse.

The tougher question for me would be if she used to work in one of those jobs, and since changed.

There aren't too many jobs strike me as being particularly masculine. The military used to not allow women, but now there are lots of them, and many of them are better soldiers than I am (and a lot of them aren't particularly tomboys).
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If it's something that goes against my moral beliefs, like stripping or porn, then I would not be able to stay in the relationship. Not only do I get jealous, but I am just not attracted to women who consider such degrading careers.


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I couldn't date someone who believed that a career such as the above mentioned was all there was for them to do.

I need someone who has enough self worth to say "this is degrading and demoralising.....I'm better than this"

However if it truely made them happy....then who am I to dictate what someone should do with their life?

My mum always told me if I grew up to be a street cleaner she'd be proud of me as long as thats what made me TRUELY happy.

Clever woman my mum.



Secret Agent
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If it's something that goes against my moral beliefs, like stripping or porn, then I would not be able to stay in the relationship. Not only do I get jealous, but I am just not attracted to women who consider such degrading careers.
I pretty much agree with this post.

Sure, to each his/her own, but for somebody that I plan to spend the rest of my life with I will have high standards when it comes to anything they do that I blatantly disagree with. I'm not talking about liking or not liking the same hobby or sport or something. That's way different and not nearly as important of an issue.


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This is a good thread and surprised it only got a few replies.

I have no problem with someone being a porn star, stripper et cetera. Now, if my girlfriend was either of the two I mentioned, I would have an issue. If we were extremely tight on money and it was something that we just felt pushed into, I could tolerate it as long as it was short. Very short.

I don't really have an issue with those careers, I just don't like the idea of someone touching or looking at my girlfriend like that. I'm not an overly jealous person and even if I do feel jealous, I can easily hide it and get over it. That would be crossing the line for me. I wouldn't be able to handle that. My eyes and hands only, people. lol


Better Call Saul
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I think the career choice is important as far as money is concerned. I wouldn't be with someone who was a stripper...or a pornstar...or anything ridiculous like that. If I found out it was something they had done in the past I would still have reservations about that...it would just feel weird to me.