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your out-of-the-ordinary experiences

Which of the following have you experienced?

  • min min lights (lights that follow you. see first post for link to legend)

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  • un-explainable

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  • other (please specify in a post)

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Every had any strange experiences? post them here! they can be full story (like mine), or just a brief explanation.

If your going to post a full story, type it in word or notepad so you can save it, and not lose it. then cut-and-paste into your post.

Here's my out-of-the-ordinary experience:

strange electrical anomoly

we had a brownout that lasted about 1 hour. The whole block experienced it. The strange thing was if i had four items connected to ONE powerpoint, some of those items would work perfectly, others flicker on/off, others not at all.

Here's what happened:

I was in my room using my laptop. My PS2 was on and connected to the projector, which was also on. Without warning, i noticed out of the corner of my eye the projector screen turned blue, displaying a message saying "No Input Detected". My bedroom light was off, as with all other lights and most electrical devices around the house. I looked back and saw my PS2 had NO power to it (the red LED standby light wasn't even on), My LCD TV (which runs off the 12 volts generated by the powerpack) was on (the standby light was on. it was on standby to start with). VCR and set top box worked fine. My projector worked fine (apart from a lamp which constantly flickered from dull to bright to dull again). All these items were connected to the one connected point. My Logitech X-530 sound system (i'm guessing it's 530 watt) and my printer (both of which run on only 240v) were both off. All these devices are connected to the same circuit (the sound sys and printer are connected to the point next to everything else). Strange? To make things even stranger, I looked up, only to see my light glowing very dull. think of a candle in an average room (my idea of average is about 4X4m). that's how bright the light was. The dimmer was set to FULL! I went out to the loungeroom, the wii worked fine. the LCD TV (this one runs on only 240v) didn't. The standby light (and the LED TOSHIBA logo) were flickering on/off (my mum was down at the mains, though). Austar didn't do anything. not even a single flicker of the red LED standby light (that proves nothing, though. when you unplug the Austar, it often won't work at all when you reconnect it). DVD recorder worked OK. modem and router both worked PEFECTLY. Then we went around the house and unplugged everything to protect against surges. Did i mention that my bedroom light was slowly fading? i left my room and it was quite easy to see. 20min later: down to about 1 candle worth of light. 10min later: down to 0.25 candles worth of light (yes, i could see. JUST. couldn't see the mess on the floor though)

one hour later:
[flash] "yay! its back!" my father said. although we waited about 5-10min before reconnecting anything (particularly the microwave). Everything seems to work fine. It could be me, but it seems as if it caused a few small problems the computer monitor (or computer. not sure). before now, the monitor would go completely white for a few seconds. it would do that up to 2 times each time the computer booted. Now it did it at least 5-6 times. like i said, it could just be me.

I noticed a trend relating to what devices run effectively, good enough, not at all:

devices that used little power (e.g. modem, router, energy saving incandescent lights) or could run on the american grid of approx 110v (e.g. set top box) would run as if powered correctly

devices that used moderate power (e.g. projector, lounge room LCD TV) or could operate on the american grid (e.g. projector) would run ok (with issues such as flickering projector lamp)

devices that used lots of power (e.g. computer, sound system) and/or could only operate on the australian grid (240v) would not run at all.

some devices didn't fit this, however. I would class PS2 as moderate (could be wrong, but i think PS2 also is compatible with the american grid), but it failed to operate. I would class projector as moderate-lots due to the energy required to power the powerful lamp AND cooling fans, but it operated as moderate, which mostly fits.

post your stories (or brief explanations) away!!!!!!

Min Min Lights: Great Australian Stories: Legends ... - Google Books
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