Your opinion of GF members


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Has your opinion changed about any member since you first got to know them?

I was just talking in chat with Iris, Nixola and Chaos and we were speaking about our first impressions of each other and how they've changed.

When I first met Nix I found her to be sweet and ditzy. I still think she's sweet but know I was wrong in thinking she was ditzy.

I thought Kay was a bitch lol. I didn't even want to get to know her at first because I thought she had the power to turn the forum against me!

Another one that stands out for me is Elly. I gave her a hard time when she first joined because I thought she was a bitch too (<3). Turns out she is a really nice girl with a great sense of humour.


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I couldn't stand Iris back when Fusion Central first existed, actually I don't think she liked me much either. I called her a bad name once because she pissed me off and I regret doing so.

I thought Chaos was annoying, but after really chatting with him I found him pretty cool and hilarious.

The only other person I can think of is Jeanie, I didn't hate her or anything, but we barely talk when she first joined on FC. That changed big time.


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I lurked a lot at first, so I sort of saw how most people were.
So, no one really surprised me.
But the one person I can think of that's changed my opinion is Lauren.
I sort of thought she was a huge bitch and I could never tell if she was joking or not, but in talking to her more often, she's just a lovable bitch. <3


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Well, I think this is a nice place, and I basically like everybody here, even when I am appaled at some of their opinions. I especially have a fondness for people I strongly disagree with, because of the way they reply to level headed or also cheap attacks.

I'm not that easy to judge people, I think, and even when I seem to really hate someone, that may be misleading. I think even the worst sick f*ck has his nice or at least fun side. And I'm a dick myself often enough on others. I just enjoy to rumble a little sometimes, and to stir a pot.

I realized, though, that I usually do that with guys. I don't remember having been harsh with a woman here. May be coincidence. Or I'm a sexist. I don't know. ;)
I used to associate Millz with Swift & Veg and I thought all 3 of them were kind of scary. lol @ me.

My opinion of Wade changed at some point but it's hard to describe how.

Nobody else comes to mind really. Adam (LintheP) is more awesome than I gave him credit for as a noob. That's probably my most recent opinion change and even then it's nothing new.


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Definitely, so many people go from being "posters I take little to no notice of" to "posters that are on my radar". They often do it in one post too. As far as my impressions of personalities there haven't been that many suprises. I just usually start liking people more.
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George and I clashed a little when I first joined...but now he loves me, and he's probably the GF'er that talks to me with the most consistency over the last geez...almost 2 years now.

Haha, Jeanie and I clashed too, but I <3 her very much.

I don't really remember having a negative/different opinion about any of my other GF friends.
Nobody else comes to mind really. Adam (LintheP) is more awesome than I gave him credit for as a noob. That's probably my most recent opinion change and even then it's nothing new.
Adam gets around. lol
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Being relatively new here and not really getting on enough to chat up anyone, I think everyone here is really nice. I have had disagreements with a couple but nothing that would cause me to call them names.... Except Critter, I really don't like that person...... But everyone else here seems awesome!


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There isn't anyone who stands out for me as far as my opinion of them changing. I liked certain members from the beginning, ie Kay, Alisa, Lauren, Goat, Nixola, Bex, Bliss and others just from their posts and if anything I like them more now.

The only poster I can say I thought was a douche was Kaz and that opinion never changed:lol:

EDIT: One thing I do remember saying and I regret it now is I called PC obtuse once, over a year ago, and the guy is anything but. He's a very intelligent well-read guy and I have a lot of respect for him. I was way off the mark on that one.
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When I first came here, I had many members ganging up on me for no reason I could think of.
Bliss, AnitaKnapp, Impact, Constantine were more opened about the fact that they totally disliked me.

Iris, Jeanie and AngelsPeak were less "disclosed" about this, but I could see they disliked me too.
[as for AP/Jeanie still can't say they like me, for sure lol].

There were times when I thought all of them were bitches but only with me.
Because I could see the way they treated other members, especially each other. Deep down I didn't dislike them. I just had to accept the fact that they disliked me and decided I could do nothing about it.

Though, there were times when I thought that the bitchest of all were Impact and Bliss because most of the time they were mean to me lol..but still can't say I disliked them or anyone here.

I also thought Chaos disliked me too and I used to keep a reserved attitude towards him. lol.

Also, Bex --- I always thought she was a person with two-faces :lol: ..and she would be nice to me because she was/is a mod and had to keep a certain