Your one stand out memory from the last year

What is that one thing that happened in the last year that just stands out for you? The one thing that you will probably remember for many years to come. lets do good and bad.

My bad would probably be losing my friend steph who I've known for about 6 years. we got in a huge fight and i realized we weren't good friends after all.

Good would probably be our bonfire at smith's house..... even though the fire department came it was the best fun I've had in a while and i just realized how much my boys mean to me. As well as how lucky i am to have them. it was just a night where i realized how my life is going pretty darn well right now.

what about you?


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Getting out of my shitty apartment is probably one of my best memories. It's a step in the direction of getting my life state on the right track. As for bad memories, hmmm. I guess the fact that I wasn't able to go to my school of choice, or do my job of choice during the summer makes this a crappy year in total. Next year will be better.


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Good thing: my daughter was conceived and born. I'm sure I'll remember that for the rest of my life.

Bad thing: having a sudden vertigo episode when I was out in public with my kids (I was also pregnant). We had to be accompanied home by policemen who were called to assist us by a stranger who found me semi-conscious. I never had it that way before and it makes me a bit paranoid now each time I have to go out with my kids without another adult with us.


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That's an easy answer for me, it would have to be the purchasing of mine and Twilightdawns dream house and beach house. We have been working our butts off for years to be able to afford our dream houses.

Seeing her that happy will always stand out in my mind. It was worth all the hard work just to see her smile when we were handed the keys to the houses.


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Good: having my youngest child.

Bad: the headache and stress that was trying to sell a house right as the market started to go down.
Bad: I'm gonna remember how I was still a struggling college freshman and I got below a 2.0 GPA for the second straight semester and I felt I was gonna be kicked out of school, when I wasn't.

Good: going down to Greenville, North Carolina during the summer for someone's Bat Mitzvah and then going to Hershey Park 2 weeks later. Ah, good times.


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Good: Went to London with a friend of mine for the first time (and don't worry England, I'll definitely come back some day :D).
And I also graduated from high-school last year, that must be a good thing too.

Bad: A "lifelong" dream was shattered when I found out that I was unable to study astrophysics at college due to my grades :cry:


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Good: Getting to know an amazing person.

Reaching the top of a mountain that's been haunting me for over two years.

Bad: Ohio State losing to LSU in the BCS Championship Game in January.