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Your next Computer


aka ginger warlock
I have come to accept that in the next six to twelve months I am going to need a new base unit, I have had my current one for about two years and it has done me well in that time but slowly it is starting to show its age and with Windows 8 coming out soon (well in the next 18 months) it seems like a good reason to do it.

I am just having a browse and so far I have found on system for less than five hundred pounds that I really like. The thing is though is I am being drawn towards spending a little more and investing in a Mac, I have never owned a mac, never used on for a long period of time but there is a part of me that due to the fact that they are so stable and future proof (someone I know has had is Mac for the better part of five years and only now is it going downhill) I am wondering if it is worth spending the extra.

Are you looking to upgrade any time soon? Do you tend to build your own or do you take off the shelf models? Do you specify everything you want or are you happy to get one you think "yeah, that will do"?


Don't get a mac. It's not worth it. PC is better in almost every front, this is coming from someone who owns both a mac and a PC. I'm not looking at getting a new computer anytime soon, but if I was I would be looking at building a new PC. Trying to fit as much high-end gaming hardware in there as I could.


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Not going to change for a while because I got my Mac only this year and it's still in great shape obviously but if I do ever change in the future, I'll keep with the Macbook because I prefer them over PC.


I am the woolrus
Personally, when it comes to laptops i'm a macbook guy through and through, but if i was getting a desktop i'd probably always get a PC. Macs are functional, reliable, quick... Just everything i want in a laptop really. But with a desktop i would always want it to be a gaming machine and well, there's NO comparison between mac and PC when it comes to gaming.


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I'm planning to build a new one before the end of the year, that may not work out though, it will happen in the next year.

I'm currently running the following, all custom built.

Core 2 Quad 2.67GHz
8GB DDR2 (which appears to be having some problems)
2GB Nvidia GTX 560 Superclocked (Primary
512mb Nvidia GeForce 8800GT (for third display, also appears to be having issues)
850w 80+ Corsair Gaming Power Supply
750GB 7200rpm WD HDD (Primary)
500GB 7200 RPM WD HDD
Standard DVD Drive
Cooler Master HAF 932 (beautiful case, I installed plenty of additional fans into this thing)

My plan is to hold on to the case, power supply, displays, graphics card (the GTX 560), and hard drives for extra storage. The rest of it, motherboard, RAM, and Processor will be swapped out with modern pieces. I'm also considering a Blu-Ray Drive (If I can find some decent codecs.) I'm also looking at liquid cooling.

I want to upgrade to either a reliable SDD or a 10,000 RPM HDD for my primary. I'll also look at Windows 8, but I need to be convinced that it won't flop like Vista before I get it.

For a new laptop sometime in the relatively near future (2 years) I've been looking at the retina display Macbook Pro or the Alienware m18x, I've also considered a much newer ASUS model (I'm currently running an ASUS G73). I just want a very nice, reliable laptop, that has a lot of power and can hold up against anything (the Macbook Pro and Alienware happen to be made of aluminum). I would use it for light gaming and writing (heavy gaming is done on a desktop)
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aka ginger warlock
I am with you on the SSD's Dave, I have not used one as yet but based on speed tests and how they work I think it is only the right thing to do to upgrade one. How much ram would you want to put in your new one? I won't deny I have not been keeping an eye on MB's as late although I have just seen this motherboard on Novatech and I have to say it is pretty damn sexy, it has a HUGE start button for gods sake! How can you NOT want that??!


Well-Known Member
E-ATX is pretty huge. I can actually fit one of those into my case if I so choose. The thing with motherboards these days is the fact that so many of them are unreliable. I like just a few brands (MSI, Gigabyte, and ASUS for example) and will stick with them.

I'm looking to have at least 16GB of RAM (running a minimum of 1600mhz) with plenty of room to grow, I would like to have 32 but that's unrealistic I think. I've heard some bad things about LGA 2011 though, I may just wait until the next big chipset from Intel. I love Intel and do not intend to switch to AMD.


Registered Member
Planning to build a new machine myself soon, though I wasn't planning it with windows 8 in mind at all. I havent had the cash to build one for a good while and mine is overdue for upgrade. It'll go to a good home though - someone with less demanding tastes in hardware.

The thought never crossed my mind about going with Mac, cant think of anything that I'd rather do on one, and Ill never be comfortable being unable to take it apart further down the line.