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Your name dictates your job !!


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It is amazing (and funny). I have come out to be 'Animal Therapist' - incidently very close !!

Your name dictates your job

Tell us how did you fair.:confused:


what? no pink?


it says mine is a Garden Gnome :confused::shake:


what? no pink?
lol mr snipes that's funny! : )

Angel I like yours :lol:

mr snipes I went back and tried what you did hehe

for me with my first and last name it was "Internet Hacker"

first and middle name was "office gopher"

frist middle and last was "welsh community worker"

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first name: village idiot

first and last: professional shopper (i like the sound of that one)

first and middle: heavyweight boxer

first middle and last: monkey impressionist (haha thats also so me, I can even make the noises =P)


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Watch Out..

I'm a shoplifter