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Your Most Valuable Collection?


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by pure monetary value, it's my anime.

I'm starting to treasure my figurines as much though, despite the fact that there are a lot less of them and they're collectively worth less than the anime.


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I will have to repost the pics..They all got wiped when I changed over my photobucket account I lost alot of if not all of my attachments..So it looks like the upgrade wasn't a good idea...

I tried to edit them before they were gone but it looks like it didn't work..I'll did out the pics and repost them as soon as I can..


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my most cherished is my personal signed baseball collection
1995-2001 team signed yankees balls

my most valuable is my baseball card collection over 30k cards prob


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My faerie statues... they arn't cheap so if they broked I would have wasted alot of monies :'(


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I have 3.

1. All my guns total close to $6000
2. I have a roll of mint condition quarters from every state, a bunch of old silver half dollars, a few proof sets, old wheaties, and two rolls each of all the presidential dollars. Close to $1000 or more in coins.
3. My licence plate collection. Washington DC alone is worth $70 and I have two :) I think its worth a total of about $600+
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FANTASTIC FOUR #1-#100. Took me damn near 20 years to get all of them and now that I have 'em I wouldn't sell 'em unless I was completely destitute. I've also got all of the CONANs drawn by Barry Windsor-Smith. I've got about 2,000 comics in my collection but those are the crown jewels