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  1. pro2A

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    Which rights are the most important to you? List them from top to bottom,least important to most important... Then discuss in further detail why the top three are most important to you.
    1. Freedom of life.
    2. Freedom of self-defense.
    3. Freedom of speech/expression.
    4. Having a fair trial/trail by jury.
    5. Freedom from search and seizure.
    6. Freedom of religion.
    7. Freedom of choice.
    8. Freedom to assemble/protest against the government.
    9. Property rights.
    10. Gun rights.
    11. Self incrimination
    12. Voting rights
    13. Due process
    14. Eminent Domain
    15. Protection from cruel and unusual punishment.
    16. States rights.
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  2. Chaos

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    I would personally place most of those under "Right to Life". The Right to Life includes everything necessary for survival; the right to food and water, the right to protect oneself, etc.

    Also, I don't believe Freedom of Speech exists within any area controlled by any Government or authority.
  3. ExpectantlyIronic

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    Freedom of speech, the freedom from want, from fear, the freedom of the press, to vote, belief, equal protection under the law, to trail, information, and education (in no particular order). I'm sure I'm leaving out some important ones, but that's the risk you take when making a list like this.

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  4. MenInTights

    MenInTights not a plastic bag

    Its really hard to order the list, but I'd say property, life and speech belong on top. A lot of the other rights would fall under those three. For example, you are free to protect your property with a firearm.
  5. Inspi

    Inspi Registered Member

    1. Freedom of life
    2. Freedom of speech/expression.
    3. Freedom of choice.

    i hate it when i cant say anything or people tell me how to life
  6. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    1. Freedom of speech
    2. Right to fair, impartial justice
    3. Freedom from want
    4. Freedom of movement
  7. ysabel

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    Possibly the right to basic needs, right of freedom of expression/thought, freedom of association, and then security and private property rights. Er, are we supposed to choose from the list you provided or is that your own ranking/answer?

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