Your most immersive gaming experience


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What game (one game, that means no listing multiple games!) would you consider the most immersive game you've ever played?

Basically, which game did you really feel like you were the most "in the zone" while playing? This would be a game that you ended up spending hours upon hours playing. A game that you totally lost track of time. Most likely a game with huge worlds or just a very long game.

For me this would be GoldenEye 007. I remember playing that game for days on end. It's also one of the few single player games that I've beaten just about everything in. I remember the level of detail that each mission required. It really was way ahead of its' time by about 10 years. I have yet to play a game (besides Perfect Dark which was essentially GoldenEye with different levels and weapons) that was so detailed. I actually felt like I was James Bond when I played GoldenEye 007.


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I'd have to say Metroid Prime. The graphics, sound, music, level design, and controls are so good that sometimes I forget I'm playing a video game. It's one of the few games that I can play for hours or beat over and over again without getting bored.


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Resident Evil 4

The first time I played it I was so sucked in that I sat and played for almost 4 hours. Another is Final Fantasy VII. I first played it almost ten years ago and I could not get away from it. I just had to play it. The story kept me on the edge of my seat.


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Splinter Cell.... I love the series. I've played every installment of the game on playstation and I do just lose track of time. I get up to go to the bathroom and I catch myself sticking to the shadows and looking through cracked doors to see if the coast is clear before I tuck and roll myself into the "Drop Zone".

The last one I played (Double Agent) was actually entertaining so much that even my girlfriend (who is NOT into videogames at all) was enjoying the show. She said that the plot was almost movie like and really entertaining. I'd play a little while she wasnt there and she'd ask about what'd happen...almost like a person would try to catch up on a sitcom show.


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Oblivion. I get taken into that huge world and actually have houses, my own dealers to sell stuff to, and a routine. How sad is that?


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Final Fantasy 7.. mind u this was, what; over ten yrs ago? lol i played this game and wuldnt even go take a shit.. used to play alota of the video games back then.. no more though, but FF7; it brings back memories bro :sick:.. and i dun even like FF games, 7 was the only 1 i played.


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well my first choice would be ocarina of time but deep down i know that it's definitely Donkey Kong 64.

I got so good at DK64 that I could do the entire game without dying, and know exactly where everything is. overall it only took me 12 hours to beat the entire game and anybody that has played that game knows that it's not even hard to do that it's insane. I am basically to the point where I really don't even need to concentrate and I can own at DK64.

there really was nothing to dislike about the game (except for having to play as lanky kong) the music was great, the graphics were insane (especially for the time) it's incredibly fun, the gameplay is great, tons of unlockables, 3500 colored bananas (all of which I collected) and 201 golden bananas which I also collected all the way. I consider it to be the perfect game.


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I'd like to see more colonial era games in general. How about a really well made renaissance jousting game? Or a roman warrior free roaming fighting game.


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Multiplayer Halo 3. I played this game all night without knowing it. I would have listed Halo 2 but every time you would get cheated I would get a reality check and get incredibly frustrated with the game.

Campaign only? KoTOR I

Althought there are a lot of other games and RPGs I like the first game I felt completely immersed in was KoTOR I. I had never played a game where the story was so involving. It was the first RPG I played that I liked.