Your most embrassing moment

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by doingbrutalthings, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. What is your most embarrassing moment? Everyone has one, so there should be a lot of post here.

    My most embarrassing moment has to be when I was kissing my girlfriend and by mistake I coughed in her mouth. I felt so embarrassed. Man that sucks :-[

  2. Blur

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    LOL...that SUCKS.

    Well mine, hands down when i gave a speech in 7th grade english with a boner wearing sweat pants. lmao
  3. merob

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    That'll almost takes the cake krus. Although, there were a few guys in my softmore class who purposely got aroused so they could move their boner around infront of the class. I didnt' think it was that funny especially after the first 3 people did it, but the rest of the class did so eh?

    I got a boner in elementry and my zipper feel down, in the middle of a conversation w/ this chick I was feelin'. If you think thats bad, it happend on 2 other occassions, but I dont think she noticed after the first time. It wasn't really that embarrassing - she was pretty cool with it - but it's all I can think of right now.
  4. Re: Your most embarassing moment

    I had a boner one time too, in 6th grade. I was reading my essay to the class and then whoooop, boner. Lol, everybody started laughing even the teacher!!
  5. The fact you all are talking about boners is rather disturbing anyway.

    My most embarassing moment would probably be waking up in someone elses apartment, in someone elses room, thinking its mine.
  6. Oh yeah another really embraissing moment for me is when my friend dared me to hop over a trash can and I couldn't and then out of the blue sky a midget came running down the block and hopped over the trash can, LMAO
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  8. Yeah I know, I am wondering about that myself.
  9. No joke i'm serious. A midget hopped over that trash and just kept on running. I was surprised.
  10. Blur

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    what in the fuck, a midget just appeared and hopped the trash can....lotttts of questions about that...

    where did he come from?
    wtf is a midget doing running and hopping a random ass trash can?
    how did he manage to hop it when he is half your size?

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