Your most embarrassing moment,


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It would be on a night out. Dressed in fancy dress.. Getting really tipsy. I came out of one bar ready to enter another. Due to it raining I was trying to cover my hair, But I wasn't looking in front of me. I fell over a bench. Spent the rest of the evening in casualty with a chipped bone in my left elbow. A very painful injury. This happened 3 years ago and my friends still laugh about it !!



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First was when I had after school detention with couple of blokes, which happen to be my mates now and we walked home and there was this school bus going behind us and it was from all girls school and I stopped it and asked it for a lift to the station and the bus driver let us in, and I am hanging onto my life on the bars on the bus and suddenly my pants are down at my ankles, the girls started laughing. You wouldn't imagine how embarrassed I was, but it was all for fun then I guess.