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Your management


Problematic Shitlord
Do you like your higher ups where you work? What do they do that you like or hate? What would you fix if you could be your boss for a day or two?


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I am a store manager but I have the person above me who owns the store and I don't mind them, they rely on me to run the store which isn't the worst thing in the world and quite often, I am not scared to give them my piece of mind due to rosters and whatnot.


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The management at the company I work for is very laid back. Of course, I'm only talking about the branch I work at. My manager is a sweetheart. She's super nice and very understanding. I noticed that ever since I started working under her, I'm a lot more productive. I'm never under pressure, therefore I don't rush and make mistakes. And in the short time that I've worked with her, I've actually been promoted. So, I really have nothing bad to say about my current management.

I worked for another branch of the same company for about, maybe 5 months and it was terrible. The manager was a fucking asshole. He would write people up at the drop of a hat. People were terrified of being even 2 minutes late because he used to do rounds first thing in the morning to make sure everyone was at their desk. If you're card was not swiped at exactly 8 am, he would write you up. We used to call him Osama Bin Supervisor behind his back. Worst manager ever.


I have four people above me at my job. I like two, dislike one & hate the other. The ones I like are friendly, easy going and generally normal people. The one I dislike was one of my co-workers at the job I had before this one. I had issues with her there, and while she hasn't done anything to annoy me at this new job, I still don't care for her. The one I hate is bossy, stupid and a chore to be around.


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The boss of my boss is amazing! I have worked for her at 3 different places in the last 8.5 years. She has always believed in me and is the most supportive person I have ever known. Wouldn't be where/who I am without her.

She recently moved up a rung and we now have a new boss. She is nice enough, but if she doesn't like something she won't hear anymore about it. She is changing things that don't need changing, instead of focusing on what does need to be done. So far, we are giving her a chance. Hopefully things will improve once she has fully settled in.


Sally Twit
I have a team leader and a general manager. I get on with my general manager, but he can be a bit too relaxed at times. I have brought things to his attention and he never seems too bothered.
My team leader is incredibly lazy and scatterbrained. He makes heaps of mistakes, his desk and Inbox is a mess, he is always late back from lunch and he always leaves his desk for ages at a time.

If I had the opportunity to be in charge I'd definitely start with the organisation in the department.


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Where I work, I'm currently employed as a "temp", but I don't really have a whole lot of contact with the agency's supervisor. I typically deal more directly with my department's management, and I have to say that they are some of the best people I've worked with. They actually care about what issues we're having with our work, and are more than willing to back us up if we don't agree with something that another department is/isn't doing. It's evident that they like to have a good time at work - or at least try to make it as bearable as possible - by having "theme" days just for the department. And, they also try to have a team lunch once a month, or so, to have some extra time to relax and take a break from work. It's pretty nice to work here, and without them, I'm not sure if I could say the same thing. Now, I'm just hoping that I can get hired on to the actual company itself.