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    Here is of one band, CMX(from Finnish) lyric:

    The physics don't sustain:

    The many spends for their life be crushed quietly
    hei hei heleijaa, hei heleijaa hei
    the many goes for their way without feel the ache
    i calculate my life absolute stupidity i see
    i view thank already sufficiently big/high

    when the god comes not physics sustain/endure

    the many looks about world like dull paperboard picture
    hei hei heleijaa, hei heleijaa hei
    the many of their scripts to get read to think
    i believe forenoon yet for ever to continueing
    i if who to trust to the boundless increase blind

    in the fire i want to look the world burning
    creator's favourite child to see under yoke to fall
    i want agony pain, army of sickness
    so that at least momentarily could own misery to forget

    so does many song yet you sing
    does many love you endure
    does many morning early you aspire
    to watching the light

    CMX-Soul's enemy

    The street slope/pass under leg, the cities so closed
    so closed like the eyes of resident mind-blind

    theirs roughness had listen is good moment, eternity
    if somewhere is yet about beauty, it don't find without attempt

    not be useless days, or if is, is all life
    so useless, that it don't tolerate to think today

    and not maybe is punishment, if we attend a moment as trip
    when for monsters we transpire, is the good days about lie anyway

    the enemy of soul to know where strike deep ulcers
    that don't get better than slowly, so slowly if at all

    infinitely on frontier terrain, on conduit/passage the lot
    we eyes the same ant-dream to look secretly about fester

    so pick up me up, pick up, i don't get up now,
    so pick up me up do you pick up, please, although you could to repent later

    go to the dance, go to the defiance, the fear isn't useless
    is last night before the Fall

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