Your Lunchbreak


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Whether you're at school, college or work we all get a lunch break.

How long is yours and how do you spend it?

I get one hour to do what I like.

I normally go into the commercial office and sit on one of their computers and surf for a bit with some lunch.

Other times though, normally friday's, we have a pub round the corner so I'll go down there and have a few pints or a bottle of wine with a colleague and read the sports news in the paper.


Sally Twit
I get one hour. I used to sit in the canteen with my friend but since I fell out with him I've started spending my hour on GF.


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I don't get a set time for lunch as I don't work set hour's,today I started at half 7 and was home by 11!.

If we are on a full day's job,we just grab something fast,I don't think I have had hour's lunch break in all the time I have worked for my current employer,normally one will go get the lunch then we take a 20 minute break to eat and have a coffee then back to work.


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Yeah I don't have a lunch break, I never have more than three hours of scheduled contact time at uni a day as the rest of it is reading/essays etc. in the library, so i can pretty much do as I wish.


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I have half an hour which is spent purchasing food, eating food, and smoking as many cigarettes as I can squeeze in. I also usually get a coffee when the damn coffee machine works.


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I can take as long of a lunch break as I want. Usually when I am not busy it is an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half.

During tax season usually 45 minutes to an hour. I am not really that busy and as long as I get what little work I have done they don't really care.


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One hour lunch break at school, I spend it playing soccer and a bit of footy, depends on the weather really.


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I usually have somewhere between 1-2 hours, for eating and just personal admin that needs to be done. I just normally enjoy the time to eat and relax.


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I only have a half of an hour. So I dont have much time to do a lot of things. I usually eat my lunch and listen to music. Sometimes I read a book that I bring from home.