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Your least liked Weather


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Being British it is built into my DNA that I must do a number of the following:

I must queue in and orderly fashion and complain about needing to queue
I must talk about the weather almost all the time
I must drink tea

Sadly I fail on two of these thing. I hate queuing and avoid it all costs, I much prefer Amazon and I don’t drink tea preferring to drink either coffee or red bull. I do however like talking about the weather so come the UK leaving the EU I will at least be one third welcome in this country.

The thing with the UK if you don't live here is the it is so changeable, as a result it is very unpredictable to know what it is going to do, when and how you should dress yourself. I can cope with most types of weather. Rain? Sure, I get a little wet but that is no big deal really. Sunny? I dislike heat and find it difficult to cool down at times but overall it makes everyone a little bit happier to I put up with it. But wind.

Wind I hate. Fuck you Wind and your annoying tendency to mess with everything in your path. We are lucky, we do not have major wind problems in the sense of typhoons or hurricanes, right now according to the BBC Weather we are seeing wind speeds of 42 MPH. What annoys me about wind though is there is simply no way to avoid it, not really and it messes with everything. What also annoys me is the constant sound it makes. I like the sound of rain. I like thunderstorms and waves. In fact, my sleep app on my phone plays these noises and they seem to help me sleep but the sound of wind just annoys me.

But what are the extremes where you live? What kind of weather do you dislike?
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Free Spirit
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I dislike a lot of it, if its too hot or too humid. The humidity can be stifling. However I can live with it as long as I have AC. What I really hate is freezing rain. That takes out power lines causing widespread outages which can take days to fix and you can't leave because its so slick.


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Wind is seriously annoying since I'm underweight. I get knocked over if it's 50-70 mph and I can't get to a wind break. But I can deal with wind and even feet of powder snow or rain and I'm all over thunderstorms too.
What I totally hate on is serious ice storms and tornado seasons.

One winter, an ice storm took out trees and transformers were exploding. It was a thunder ice storm that left more than 1/2" of ice on everything for a whole week. Trees were all over the road and the damages were so epic that it took 8 days to get power back. Everything in the fridge was put out on the deck and cooking was on a outdoor grill. Zero TV, internet, or anything else but at least we had LED lanterns. That was the year I bought my first radio that runs on disposable batteries and I still have it.

We get lots of wind and ice storms here but we also have tornadoes. I've watched them drop or just swirl in the clouds and I'm always seriously freaked when that happens. One touched down about 7 blocks from our house a few years ago.
So yeah, both ice storms and tornado seasons are totally my least liked weather.


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Thunderstorms. I. hate. thunderstorms.

Mainly because of the risk of power outage and I can't live without TV or Internet.


Living in Ikoria
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I have to go snow and ice. Loved it as a kid, but as an adult it's just a major annoyance for my commute to and from work.


Anything and everything that is not fall. I just wanna live in a place that is fall all year around.


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My least-liked weather is severe thunderstorms/tornadoes. Because they're dangerous. I'd love to live somewhere where they're rare.

I hate the heat, too. It's not quite as dangerous, but it is miserable, and hard to cope with. Any hint of heat, sun, humidity is too much for me. I want it to be overcast, misty, with some wind and cool (50s F works very well)


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Heat and humidity together - like MIssissippi. You sweat during a cold shower.

I love storms. I love the rain. When we have thunderstorms we go out and play.


I hate heat. Give me cold cold cold anyday. I live in Australia so yeah... I'm in the wrong country. Our Summers are brutal and I hate them. I love the cold.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Humidity. I can tolerate a dry heat, but when it's real humid I just want to sit around in the air conditioning all day.