Your keyboard?


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Does it have any wore out letters?

Looking at my laptop that I've had for like 3-4 years. Has only woren out the down arrow.
Nope, everything on my keyboard is still here after 6 (or 7) years of having it. I don't have that plastic thing over it either.


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The letters on my keyboard will wear out after a few months of typing. It's from resting your fingers on the keys for so long. On the tablet there are no letters off.


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Getting a new keyboard latter as this one is throwing fits,all the letters around the v will put the v in front,takes forever to write anything cause i have to keep going back to remove the v.


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You can still see all the letters on my keyboard. It may be a little dusty but it's still in good condition after quite a few years.
Nope but my old keyboard was worn out after playing too much SNES and GBA roms. I used the Z, X, A and S buttons a lot. (I use a QWERTY keyboard btw)


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I've never really had any problems with keyboards. The one I got back in 2004 with my desktop computer shows a little wearing. The D key is the most notable but even it is barely noticeable in itself.

The problem with that keyboard is that when pressing the 8/* key it presses down the 9/( key sometimes. =/
Fairly new computer here so it's all spick and span. My last keyboards keys didnt so much wear out as suffocate in a coat of filth and muck. I could have donated it to science