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Your Job


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I clean hot tubs for a rental place. I live near a lake and I get to go into these huge million dollar houses and sit around and act like I'm all special and stuff. I get to drive around, and I work at my own pace.

$9.00 an hour, no benefits, but I get .40 a mile, too.
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I'm a graphic designer and web developer. Every once in a while I am an investor also but that's not really a "job" because it's not a guaranteed profit at all. Right now I run a development / marketing company and do a little bit of everything.


not a plastic bag
Telephone technician and online entrepreneur. There are 6 of us in the family with one income, so I work 12 hours a day to feed, clothe and pay rent. I hope one day the online stuff will take off and I can reduce to one job.

I am pretty much 100% self taught in all fields. That's the great thing about living in America today. We have free access to knowledge that past generations had to pay for. What a great time to be alive, huh?


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Well, I be a full time college student...and I also clean hot tubs and look all pretty and special and such.


Wanna play?
Insurance agent to pay the bills, and artist because that's what I consider my true "calling" in life. :)


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Currently I work in the Deli Department at Walmart. Right now it is the only job that I could find at the moment. I was looking for a computer job, but finding them hard to find.