Your internet connection speed.


Guardian of the Light
I was just curious to check out my internet connection speed today for whatever reason.

I couldn't believe what I saw, it explained so much. I haven't really been able to play any online games lately because it always jammed up, now I know why. (Team Fortress 2 specifically)

Download 0.80 Mb/s
Upload .71 Mb/s
Ping 59 ms

2.6/5 rating

That's pretty ridiculously slow. I would have a faster connection but it's simply not available where I live.

I knew that my connection was pretty slow in the first place, but wow, I'll bet that most people I know have a better connection.

What's your internet connection speed?

To keep this pretty consistent let's use the same testing site. - The Global Broadband Speed Test

I promise it's not a rickroll. :D


I'm serious
Interesting, except that I am technologically disabled, so I have no idea what this means, but mine are as per below:

Donload : 0.13 Mb/s
Upload : 0.04 Mb/s
Ping : 822 ms

Rating : 2.5/5

Does that mean I am faster or slower that you dDave?


Guardian of the Light
Wow you guys have really good connections.

@CG - :tired2::nerd:

I don't even think I'd want to be online very much if my connection was quite that slow. Do you have a way to get a faster connection? Or are you just stuck at that. It kind of reminds me of dial-up, looking at your numbers.