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Your holiday entitlement


Sally Twit
How many days off from work are you allowed each year and how quickly do you book them?

I get 25 days a year, from January to December and I book a big chunk of them as soon as I get back to work after Christmas.
We're only allowed one person off at a time in our team so it's best to get any important ones in straight away. I always book my Birthday, my boyfriend's Birthday and then I always try and book days off around Bank Holiday's hehe. I got in quick this year and secured three days off between two Bank Holiday's, which means in April I'll have 11 days to myself. God bless the royal wedding. :D


Creeping On You
On every paycheque, we get a certain percentage extra called vacation pay. Some jobs, you just get it tacked on, and some employers bank it for you. So when you request a day off, you can use some of that money to cover your lost wages for taking a day off. Over a year, you usually end up saving about 10-12 days. So I usually use a few in the summer to make a long weekend, I always book my birthday off if it's not on a weekend. If it's on a weekend, I book the monday after off for a long weekend =P. And I save up some because the shop closes down for a week at the end of december, so I use the last of that years vacation pay to cover what I would have earned had I been working that week. Otherwise, if I have to stay home sick, I just lose that 8 hours of pay.


I'm serious
25 days? Damn. I wish. I get 17 days, which is a lot. Most companies do 15 days. And then after three years of service, I get one day extra each year to a maximum of 30, I think. I book certain days ahead of time, if I knew I had plans for that time. Otherwise I just book it as I get/make plans, but generally at least 2 months in advance.


Sally Twit
When I first joined I got 21 days. After you've been with the company 2 years it goes up to 23. After 3 years it goes up to 25. Then after 10 years it goes up to 30 or 33 I think. No more after that, though.
I don't plan on staying there for four more years just for some extra holiday time!