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Okay so here's the deal , Well first has anybody ever seen the eposide of Viva La Bam where they have a scavenger hunt? Well this is what I need some help with. This is differnet from a normal scavenger hunt because instead of collecting things we have to do all this random crap. I need some more ideas to finish off the list. So far I have about 8 pages of stuff but I need to get it up to 10. Any ideas?


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. . . what?

"all this random crap" doesn't tell us anything. All I know is that you're having a scavenger hunt of sorts. Are you asking for help in finding new things to hide? Why don't you give us a list first for those of us that don't watch the show?


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I mean that its different from any normal scavenger hunt. You DON'T hide stuff. You give a list of things to do. For example some things on the list would be to get kicked in the balls by a 5 year old or eat a bag of flour yourself. Things of that nature.
Hmm. Some of my friends did something similar, though it was a month long thing. Some things they had to do were:

1.) Dress up like a unicorn and get a picturtaken with a random person on the sidewalk.

2.) One of my female friends had to make a Jell-o mold of her breasts. (My male friend opted not to make a mold of his balls)

3.) They could go to a gay bar and get a date with one of the people there.

Those are the only three I remember at the moment.


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1) Go into a predominantly African-American bar dressed in a KKK hood and order a White Russian to drink. Then see if you make it out in one piece.