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Your gym workout programs & routines


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I think this topic could be really interesting, useful and educative. I would like to know your training routines. Also we could discuss about our training routines, disadvantages and advantages, our goals etc..

This is my training routine for the last 6 weeks :

Training 1 (Monday)

Warm-up (running on treadmill for 10 minutes - speed 12 km/h)

V-ups with a med ball between legs and between arms (4 series * 10 repetitions)
Russian twist with med ball (4*15)
Back extension (4*15)
Chin-ups - wide grip (4*10)
Bent-over barbell rows (4*10)
Deadlift (4*10)
Single arm rows (3*10)
Dumbell biceps curl with forearm rotation (4*12)
Biceps curl on Scott bench (4*10)
Standing curl for forearm flexors (3*12)


Training 2 (Wednesday)

Warm-up (10 minutes on orbitrek)

Knees-to-chest on Side (2 series *15 repetitions)
Alternate sit-ups with knee lift (2*15)
Bicycle Ab Exercise (4*30)
Bench press (4*10)
Dumbbell chest press on inclined bench (4*10)
Dumbbell fly on bench (3*10)
Butterfly machine (3*10)
Triceps dipses with arms on one and legs on other bench (4*10)
Skull crushers (4*10)
Triceps arm extension machine (4*10)


Training 3 (Friday)

Warming-up (10 minutes cycling between 70 and 80 rpm)

V-ups (4 series *10 repetitions)
Back extension (4*15)
Squat (4*10)
Lunge (4*10)
Leg press (3*10)
Leg curl machine (3*10)
Standing calf raise (4*15)
Dumbell rear fly (3*10)
Lateral raise for shoulders (4*10)
Dumbbell shoulder press (4*10)
Dumbbel front raise (3*10)


I modify my workout routines every 6-8 weeks, this one is current but I will modify it soon because I feel that my body is being more and more accustomed to it and I always want to prevent that :D

So, what do you think?
And post your gym training routines also :)
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aka ginger warlock
I don't have a set plan for when I work out as such. I usually do the following:

Twenty minutes on a bike
Twenty minutes on the running machines (I can't remember there proper names)
At least half an hour of differeing muscles exercies including free weights

I also sometimes go for a fifteen minute swim if I remember my gear afterwards and if I can get into my gyms studio fifteen minutes of boxing.

I will usually do this three times a week and on a saturday I have a personal trainer who does different things so it does not get boring.


New Member
Monday - Chest
Tuesday - BI-Ceps
Wednesday - Tri-Ceps
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Wings (Back)
Saturday - Abs
Sunday - CHILL OUT . . . :D


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Monday - Chest
Tuesday - BI-Ceps
Wednesday - Tri-Ceps
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Wings (Back)
Saturday - Abs
Sunday - CHILL OUT . . . :D
No leg workouts? You do know that it's just as important working your legs that it is working your other muscle groups. I know its not fun working out legs, but it's really important and I don't suggest you to skip it all the time. Maybe do it once every two weeks, but don't skip it all together.

I suggest doing bi-ceps and tri-ceps the same day(Tuesday) and do legs on Wednesday's.
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I looked through your plan, but as Babe suggested, make a couple days dedicated to your lower half of the body. You don't wanna get toned and beefy and just walk around like a tank, then have chicken legs for the lower half. Trust me, not attractive whatsoever.

Also, good to know you're doing at least 10 minutes of cardio before every work out, it's good to get the heart and body ready for your sessions before you start. You don't realize how big of a difference that would make!



I only just started and at the moment I can't do any arm or upper body work due to an injury. But right now I am doing roughly this:

20 minutes on treadmill
15 minutes on bike
15 minutes on the other type of bike (the sitting down one)

And then I do leg workouts on the machines. Three different machines and I usually do 3 lots of 10 reps on each one.


Son of Liberty
Day 1

Bench press 3 sets
Incline or decline bench with dumbells 3 sets
Dumbell flies 3 sets
Sitting EZ-Curl bar tricep extensions 3 sets
Dumbbell kickbacks 3 sets

Day 2

My shoulder workout I posted earlier, but I also add bent over rows first with a barbell then with dumbbells for my back

Day 3

EZ-Curl bicep curls 3 sets
Preacher curls (one week with an EZ-Curl bar the next week with dumbbells) 3 sets
Alternating dumbbell curls 3 sets
Hammer curls 3 sets
Wrist curls

I finish each workout with crunches, I jump rope for about 15 minutes and hit the heavy bag for about 10-15 minutes. Those are the basic moves I do, I'll alternate them from time to time.

One week I go heavy the next week I go light, that's why I didn't include the number of reps. It depends. On light weeks I go about 12-15 reps, heavy weeks I go about 6-8 reps.

I don't workout my legs anymore other than doing some lunges from time to time.

I try to jog about 3 days a week when I don't workout, resting one day-Friday.

This is my workout that I posted in another thread the other day. But I don't jog outside much anymore, instead on non weight days I hit the heavy bag. I jump rope for about 10 minutes, then go 6 3-minute rounds on the bag with one minute rest in between. I then go 30 minutes on the treadmill.


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I do HIIT 3 days a week, running at a sprint of 10mph on the treadmill for 30 seconds then a jog of 5mph for 90 seconds. I repeat this 10 times. I used to do this at the gym but just recently saved myself the monthly ridiculous gym fees and gave in to purchase my own treadmill. It will be paid off by the time I would have made 4 monthly gym membership fees!
Along with HIIT, I also do weights along with an ab workout 3 days a week. I also have one rest day a week.
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Secret Agent
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My current routine is:

Day 1: Upper body
Day 2: Intense cardio intervals
Day 3: Abs & legs
Day 4: Intense cardio intervals
Day 5: Upper body again

The next week it's the same but two Ab/legs days and only 1 upper body day (swapping them in the above list).

I am currently basing my routine off of the practices outlined in the book "Body for Life" by Bill Phillips. I'm not sticking to the diet as much as I should but I'm still seeing results based on the intensity of the routine.

I sometimes will work out on Saturdays as well and do something different to mix things up. Lately I've been doing either the 300 workout of the Spartacus (HIIT) workout, two circuit routines I've posted about here in the past.