Your Grappler Style?


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This is going to sound a little strange, but it's coming from a guy who's used to creating wrestlers in video games. :D

If you were a pro wrestler, what would you look like - face paint, mask, type of tights, etc.?

What would your finisher be? What style would you fight with (Power, Luchador, etc.)?

Face or Heel? Character type? Go into whatever details you can think up.


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If I created my own wrestler this is what I would look like:

Height 6"3
Weight 255lbs
Face Paint: Yes like Sting use to have back in the day
Agility: I would be a high flyer like Shelton Benjamin
Power: I'd have the streght of Goldberg
Outfit: I would be shirtless and have pants like Morrison has
Finishing Move: Jackhammer
I'd be good on the Microphone like the Rock
I'd be a face

That's all I can think of right now.


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Nice thread idea...

I usually put myself in the mid-card when I first create myself and try to move up the ladder over the years if I'm doing a career league or something.

I usually make myself a speedster, like a Shawn Michaels. High flyer who can hold his own with some power moves and also has a large arsenal of ground attacks. I dont go the paint route but I like to add things to set me apart.
Forgot to add. I'd be a face to start but I'd eventually go heel.
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Height: 5'9
Weight: 310
Power: Taker's Strength
Outfit: Jeans, Muscle shirt, with gloves.
Moves: Snake eyes spear, Inverted Oldschool Tornado DDT, Rolling Spine Buster, Finishing move, Sideswipe Powerbomb.
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