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You play golf? What do you shoot?

I played my first of three rounds in Hawaii. I played decent, but the winds were brutal and I missed some key shots.



Golf indeed is a difficult game to master, but not hard at all to enjoy. It is not physically difficult if one takes the proper precautions of warming up the appropiate muscles that will be in use. Golf is not a game of strength but of timing, tempo and the repeatability of a controlled swing. Once somewhat mastered the tee to green portion of the game is not to difficult.....the defining of talent rests in the short game. One hundred yards and in...the ability to put a 17/8 in. ball into a 4in. hole. About 60% of your score rests in this area, and thus this is were the strokes will be shaved from your game. With a little practice and intense study of your own limitations(called managing your game)....just about anyone can get their handi-cap below 15 and 10 is not out of the question......but the time and effort required to play with a scratch or 0 handi-cap is usually beyond the average weekend player for a number of reasons, but the time to practice is usually the culprit that hinders the weekend warrior. I have played for years, and carry an 8 handi-cap, and each new season I tell myself that this is the year that I will allow more time to go into my practice and shave the final strokes off my game...but as with everything, time overtakes ambition.....and I still lack both the time and ambition it takes to play at a par level.

Just the proper managing of ones game will knock strokes from your final scrore, next would come the ability to relax, as tense muslces are a deterent to both tempo and timing....this can be accomplished by just having fun and accpeting the fact that nothing can be done about the flight of ball that already has been fact 90% of your accuracy happens before you hit the ball, as one must always make the proper set up.....were fractions of an inch can turn into 10s of yards down the line, it worth the few extra seconds that it takes to mentally check your setup...a process called a preshot routine. And there are hundreds of inside tips that can shave strokes also. When ever one gets the opportunity to play with a more skillful player, take advantage of the not be embarrassed, you can not possibly do anything with a golf ball that has not been done before(you will learn much just from observing a skillful player).....just have fun, and come to grips with the fact you will probably never be great at the game...not because of the lack of talent but because of the lack of time. Find solace in the fact that the average golf score in the United States is 97....a score that anyone can beat, with just a little game managment....and if you just slightly modify some of your bad habits....a score in the 80s is not at all out of reach......just enjoy the I do. BD


I play golf all the time. I love it. I usually shoot from 40-45 per 9 holes on usually par 72 courses so, its nothing special, but its not horrible. Im getting better every year, i just wish i could play more, its just not easy because golf is not a cheap sport.