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TV Your go-to show at the moment?


Registered Member
It's a great show. I really suggest watching the first season because the second season will leave you scratching your head.


rainbow 11!
I watched four or five episodes of arrow and couldn't get into it. I just feel like he is being overly dramatic about the whole thing. It's... forced? his reasons for doing what he does. it doesn't seem organic in any way possible.


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The first season? He made a promise to his father before his father shot himself in the head right before him that he would clean up the city by eliminating the people on his list.


I don't really watch many shows live anymore. I usually just DVR them so that I can fast forward through commercials or download them so that I can skip the commercials all together.

Shows that I never let myself fall too far behind in are...

The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
New Girl
The Big Bang Theory
Family Guy


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
It's The Walking Dead for me right now, no doubt. When it's on, Doctor Who is the show I probably look forward to on a weekly basis the most. I know Psych is coming back with new episodes soon on USA, that show always is good and cracks me up. Finally, I Netflixed and caught up on Arrow recently. I'm a big comic book geek so I can't wait for the new season to start up in a week or so. Love that show.