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If you can bequeath your talents, characteristics or possessions to any of the GF members, what would your will contain?


  • I'd leave my poker chips to Hiei so he can play more tourneys.
  • I'd pass my VIP account/postcount to Syndicate so he can take advantage of the arcade and other GF perks.
  • I'd transfer my knowledge of French to SuiGeneris for his classes.
  • My complete make up kit goes to Chaos. I'd pass my clothes and shoes but I don't think they'd fit.
  • My music library (sheets, compositions) goes to Obsessiforge.
  • My relative pitch ability goes to EXQ.
  • Bliss can have all my anime movie DVDs. LOL
  • Bliss can have all my anime movie DVDs. LOL
Or cup place mats, as she'd call them!

I'd leave Le Cercle my rep, post count and lovings.
And Bliss my ePenith.
I'd transfer ownership rights of GF Tower over to viLKy to perform surgery in. Or convert to a brothel, whatever.
I'd mail Hamlet to RATTIE, so she could pin a tail on him and give him a new home.
I'd donate my brain to Health & Fitness, as a horrible reminder of what can happen.
Lastly, all digital funds go to EEB to help towards the transfer of Messi to MU.
x I give all my video games that I've collected over the years to Syndicate. Play them, and remember me while you do!
x I split my Poker chips between BEE and Hiei. We always tie, and have a great time while playing together.
x I leave my V.I.P. to Fantasy. Hopefully, this has you become more active and post more in General Gaming board.
x I leave my avatar to barbiegirl. I know you like this cuddly Moogle.
x My music collective which consist of Guns N' Roses, Andrew W.K., R.E.M., Aerosmith, The Offspring and Muse to name a few goes to Comic. Have a kick ass rockin' party, mate!
x I give this black ink pen to ysabel. We have nothing in common and I bet that you prefer blue ink instead of black. Thus, you take this black ink pen and remember me every time you see it. :D
x Blueyes gets all my rep. You rep me the most everyday and you never slow down, even when I'm max. Take this rep and use it wisely, my dear.

And that's that.
*4979.26 Poker chips would go to the person who started a “goodbye Angels” thread in memory of me.
*My rep would be divided between Jeanie, Ysabel and Bliss.
*I would leave Hime the confidence to realize that she has a gift in the form of writing. (probably nothing more than a bunch of sticky notes saying "you can do it, you have talent, you go girl...blah-blah-blah")
*All of my art supplies would go to Wolfheart. I think there is a lot of untapped potential in you.
*My horror collection would go to Hiei, the only person on GF that I think could truly appreciate it.
*All of my haunted house and Halloween supplies go to Night.
*And lastly, all my love to Echoes. (is that transferrable?):lol:
*Oh, and even though it's not quite as impressive as the high score, Kdmillz can have my Burger Time score.:)

Jesus Ysabel, what a morbidly depressing thread. Nice!
Oh, and I'll just throw my sarcasm out there for anyone who may want it.:rolleyes:
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My poker chips to Steve, may he have much more use for them than I ever did.

My rep would go to Ysabel since she gave most of it to me anyway:lol: and she also gets my thoughts and feelings about relationships and love.

My gyroball Highscore I would give to Hybrix since it was once his prized trophy before I came along.

My massive music collection would go to Syndicate and Bliss since they both love Brand New and Incubus and I'm sure they'd find plenty of other great stuff in there.

My masculinity would go to Chaos, every little helps.

My femininity would go to Bee.

All my DVD's go to Nightsurfer since I think he'd appreciate my hefty collection.
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angels, I want your sarcasm...oh and yeah, I felt depressed at one point while writing this, lol

More turnovers:

  • 3 of my current highscores to kdmillz (that should help secure his 3rd place in the arcade), and my rotation highscore is for hybrix
  • my relationship books go to Altanzitarron
  • my gfisms to angels and sui (you can make it more interesting by writing a he said she said type, lol)
  • my loving concern for Jeanie will be passed to Vegito and vice-versa (may they look after each other the way I look after them)
  • Kamasutra book goes to vilky, vincent and bee: may the day their cherries get popped be a pleasurable day, lol


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*I would leave Hime the confidence to realize that she has a gift in the form of writing. (probably nothing more than a bunch of sticky notes saying "you can do it, you have talent, you go girl...blah-blah-blah")
:hang: gag me, That is so PS I Love You.....

Goats GF Will

  • my ipod and music collection will go to Atreyu

  • all of my image editing software will go to the highest bidder, the yield from that will Go to Hybrix to decide how to put it back into GF either for the servers or in a Farewell Lip Sync contest.

  • my ego will be given to Veg... I want to create a monster

  • all of my hockey knowledge will go to ysabel so that she can take my spot for good in the hockey section

  • I want my twisted sense of humor and silver tongue to go to Hiei, he would use it the best.
-more to come I'm sure.


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Ice, you can have my passion for football (aka soccer). That way you'll have another forum to debate sports with padd.

Kiwi can have my posting spree so she'll be back on the train's first class seat again.