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Your GF 'pattern'


Sally Twit
Do you visit GF at certain times of the day without fail, do you just come here when you're bored, or do you keep yourself logged in for as long as you're online?

I always come on and post in the morning before work, on my lunch hour for about 20 minutes and then after work for maybe 2 hours or so.
On weekends it varies. Sometimes I won't come here at all, sometimes I will spend most of my weekend here, and sometimes I'll just pop on at random times during the day.
However, my activity has been up and down lately for different reasons.


Well-Known Member
I log in when I first get up and browse a couple threads. Generally I check the music section and my UserCP for new reps and subscriptions. Then later in the day i'll log in and go through the New Posts section and reply to threads I like. Then i'll keep checking in when i'm not doing anything else, or during ad breaks on TV. Well, that's my pattern for the moment. As i'm not working, i'm spending a lot of time here, and which is why my activity lately is through the roof haha
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It's not me, it's you.
I mostly only come on here during work. At home I have way too many distractions that GF is more of a nuisance than fun. I am constantly distracted at home and do not really have time to read threads, especially if they are long. However, my work is boring and I often need something to read for a few minutes at a time to take a break from the monotony.

So, my pattern is random times throughout the day Mon-Fri, when I am at work. If I don't come on GF on a weekday, chances are that I didn't go to work at all.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
If I'm online for facebook, email, usually even homework, I'll keep GF on in the background and browse here and there.

During my break from school/internship, my pattern was kind of erratic, lol. A lot of days I'd be chilling at the computer and watching Lost, playing games, etc. and I'd be on GF constantly, and browsing new posts all day.

Now that I'm starting back up, I'm pretty sure that my pattern will look like this: Monday and Tuesday days I'll be on at different times, but I have class in the evening until 9:00 or 9:30. I may come on after that on some of these days. Wednesday through Friday I'll be at practicum all day but will definitely spend time on in the evening/night.

I can definitely predict myself in looking at how the semester will go.


Registered Member
My activity on General Forum is dependant on a few factors.

1. Work - I generally work in the morning, so I'm able to come online in the evening. However, there's always a chance of me having to work longer hours, or different shifts.
2. Socialising. This usually depends on my friends, or other people, or myself having money. To do sociable things usually you have to pay. Be it drinks, cinema or whatever. So depending on that it will depend on my General Forum presence. I will choose social activities over the forum every time. I hope that doesn't sound bad to some here... :S - Although, fortunately (or unfortunately) for the forum, someone seems always to be skint. Lately.
3. I run my internet through a dongle. It needs feeding vouchers and pennies. Hence if my finances are misplaced and run low. I may run out of data time and hence be unable to get on the internet in general. Although, my finances are looking all right lately, so that's probably not a problem any more.
4. The interestingness of activity - Sometimes I'll come on here and through personal taste, or mood, or whatever I'll perceive the majority of threads and new posts to be not of my interest and hence I'll log out promptly. This hasn't happened lately. Yet it has before. I guess there's always the chance of a boring spell on the forum... Not that that's a bad thing. Probably suggests the engaging folks are off doing stuff they might well ought to be or something... I don't know.
5.. Tiredness, illness, or some other thing may keep me off the internet. E.G. If I get a new computer game I may decide to spend my hours on that, instead of the forum.

So there's no particular routine to coming on here. But I do like the discussions, and as of late there have been some pretty cool threads for me to involve myself with. Also, I've had a number to share myself. And I like to share -- although I fear the majority will reckon what I post is shite... They're probably right.
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I visit GF about 12+ hours a day, and between 90-100 hours a week. I don't always post but I browse and check if people posted replies in threads that I like. I usually start at 630am in the morning and end at 930pm from Monday to Friday, obviously I take small breaks between that, and during the weekend it could be from 9am to 10pm. It all depends what I'm up too during the weekend, as you know I like to go out.


blue 3
Well I have no "pattern" right now. I hop on here when I get time to sit down and relax for more than a few seconds. I really don't post as much as I used to (at all), I'm busy working 40-60 hour weeks, then coming home to a newborn. Not much time to just sit around and read anymore, it's a shame.


Registered Member
I don't think I ever log out.
When at home, I never have to "log back in".....I simply close down the window to GF...so I think it might show I am here all the time :lol:
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I'm here anytime of the day, from my/work's computer or on my mobile except only when I'm busy or don't have internet. This is the first website I open whenever/wherever there's internet.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I usually check the staff room first and then I'll check my GF for different staff stuff and reps and things.

Usually I'll venture over to the sports section after that...unless something on the main page sparks my interest. Whenever I wake up I almost always come here first...same with at work.

Depending on how busy I am at work I'll have it up almost all day long.
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