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Do you change your GF mood as your actual mood changes? I see some who have the same mood for sometime now. I wonder if they are generally in just that disposition or they just don't bother changing it (ever).

I change my mood from time to time. Mostly, I stick with "Fine" instead of no mood, when I cannot find the right mood to reflect how I feel at the moment. And there are some moods that seem to fit but I don't like the smiley attached to it so I don't use it. :lol:
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I think for the most part my mood will stay on fine,unless there is a good reason to change it,fine seems approachable!.So unless i have had either a really good day or a really bad day for example,i do not see the need to change it,but im new here so that change.


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Nope I just leave it at "Fine" because I'm always fine, it's sort of my neutral mood. :lol:


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i only change when my mood is at an extreme IE: sad, happy, flirty ect

otherwise i leave it at something silly cause for the most part I am being silly.


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I change my mood occasionally. Fine would work for me because no matter how good or bad things are I am fine.. But I like to change it up every now and then... I just find a lot of times the word I would use to describe my mood isn't on here
I have left mine on cold for quite a while. Maybe even a year so far.
Yes, yes you have.

I use to change mine every day, but figured this one fits me best, so I've kept it the same for a while...except those 2 days last weekend, the shock of which prompted a pm from ysabel.:lol: