Your Gaming Preferences?


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Well over the time that I have been here I have seen a wide variety of gamers and now it is time to sum it all up into one thread.

What do you prefer to have in a game?

I'll start...

When I go and play a game I expect it to be fun, the game needs to have a capturing and/or original feel to it. A lot of games are kidded down due to the population of small children who play video games rising more rapidly than any other ages ever since home consoles were released.

I really like playing games that require a bit of skill but at the same time aren't way too incredibly hard to figure out. I love games that take a long time to beat especially games that make you collect stuff (like Mario 64 or DK 64).

Sometimes I just like to sit down and play a game so I don't always prefer serious games sometimes I just like to play games that require almost not thought.

Games that are way too easy to beat or don't require any type of skill at all just annoy me.

Games that have the main character from the game before but the character looks completely different really annoy me, Zelda Windwaker is a great example of this.

I like playing games that don't have a "cartoon" feel to them unless it's like a 2-D game like super Mario Bros.

What are your gaming preferences?


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I don't really have any specifics for the games I play. I just want them to be fun and entertaining. It depends on the kind of game for the length of gameplay I'd like from it.


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Yeah, definitely depends on what kind of game it is. In general I like the more atmospheric games. In sports games realistic gameplay is a must. I like games to be challenging, but not to the point of being frustrating. It's usually better if there are difficulty levels, which is something I wish they had for Zelda games.


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I prefer shooters. However I dont like military shooters as much futuristic Sci-Fi schooters HL2, Halos, Republic Commando, Gears

I also like games that require some thinking ahead like Real Time Stategies.

Shooters take some skill but that dwarfs in comparison to an RTS game. Infact IMO RTS games take the most skill to play, and to play well probably one of the reason's it isnt a terribly popular genre.

I do need a good story in any game now. Infact that is what I look for in games over graphics, originality, design, etc. I need a good story in a game. No story and great gameplay? I probably wont pick up the game. Multiplayer is very important to me also probably those 2 things are what I look for in a game.

I can tell you right now I have played nintendo games and frankly only a few have caught my eye. Most IMO are too kiddie or just terrible.


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I'm more into old Japanese Warring Era Game play( Like Samurai Warriors :p ), Sometimes with Real Time action and others turn based gameplay like Disgaea,

It'll be better if it was two players cause sometimes the damn A.I. are too stupid enough to follow commands ):

The graphics I don't care about much as long as I can read and see what is going on lol

I play most type of games , I just prefer RPG :D


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No overall preferences. As long as I find the game fun to play, it's fine by me. Sometimes I enjoy a session of Morrowind, other a quick game of Frogger. Both I enjoy playing and keep me hooked for ages.


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I love a good plot. I am really into RPGs mostly. I prefer a compelling story line and good game mechanics over graphics after all my favorite RPG is Chrono Trigger


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I love a good FPS, with fast, exciting action, and accurate weapons. I cant stand games like Oblivion and Fable where you must talk to all NPC characters to get anywhere in the game.


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I love a good FPS, with fast, exciting action, and accurate weapons. I cant stand games like Oblivion and Fable where you must talk to all NPC characters to get anywhere in the game.
Why do I suddenly have an urge to hunt you down and force you to play Fallout, or something similar? :D