Your gaming hates?


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I'm pretty sure a large number of you have things in gaming that annoy you. It could be the game's style, the type of game, any common glitches or bugs. Maybe there are things players online do that get you riled up.

One of the things I came across recently are players that quit early. I decided to have a couple cage match games on Call of Duty 4. Found a player, started off well and managed to get a lead with 25 to 10. Next thing I know, the guy seems to come down with a case of BAWWWWWWW and runs off to board the waaahmbulance, as it states that the player has left the game and will forfit in 20 seconds. This leaves me thinking "What a fucking baby".

Seriously, if your ass is getting handed to you in a game, suck it up and keep playing. Matches can change at the drop of a hat, a starting lead by one player can quickly turn into that same player struggling to keep up. Case in point, my next match turned out in a loss of 30 to 10. Despite that loss, I had fun and at no point complained.

A tl;dr version? Stop quitting early and stop bawwwing when you're loosing.


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I hate those kids, too. For some reason I've been playing a lot of Halo 3 lately and the whole tea bagging thing is really annoying. Personally, I'll just shoot/melee the body if I really want to rub something in but these kids are sad.

The worst is when the other team is getting brutally raped and they still teabag even though they're getting demolished.


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Next comes from my days in a Day of Defeat gaming community - idiots who don't play the game properly.

The point of Day of Defeat is to go out and capture objectives. You have to use teamwork to form a defensive line and to constantly push the other team back.

Which is why playing on a public server always annoyed me.

I've had teammates who camp areas that don't need camping, don't bother with the objectives, exploit map and game glitches, all sorts. It's these exact reasons that I always avoided the public servers and only played on the community's servers, where teamwork was used, we all played fair, and we simply had fun without idiots coming on using leetspeak, bunny hopping, or doing anything else that leads to a swift and sudden ban.
- People who go around shouting "OWNED", "SIT", "You suck. HAHAHAHAHA". Basically, anybody with a HUGE ego.
- People who use cheats: speed, jumping, wall hack, ect...
- People who glitch behind hills, buildings or other areas.
- People, such as the ones in StarCraft, who build up their armies ALL game without helping the team to make one attack. If that attack fails, they leave.
- People who use racial slurs because they're getting beat or because they uses them in their daily life.

As you can see, I have alot of hates. :)


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I hate games that are so hard that they require luck to beat.

I hate EA Football games how the AI knows what play you're running every time.


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DCers in any game. I only have a wii, so when I play DBZBT3 online (laggy as hell but i put up with it to play online) I either face:

1) A spammer using either the strongest or fastest character equipped with the cheapest abilities
2) A DCer, who is like a spammer only he turns off the power at the lose screen, causing me to disconnect as well, just so he doesn't get a loss on his record.


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As someone brought up EA, next one is general game based - roster updates.

I bet a number of you are thinking "eh?", and to make it clear, if a game is released that tries to genuinely bring something new to the series, then I don't mind it.

Then we have EA Sports' method of "update the roster, improve the graphics, throw something half-assed into it and change the last digit". That annoys me.

I look at a number of sports games they release, and I'm thinking "This isn't worth a yearly release!". And because they release these games year after year, there generally isn't anything new the games are adding to each series.

If they released a version every two years, maybe then they could come up with new features, or something to make the game worth buying. As it stands, all I see myself or anyone else ever needing is one recent copy of the game, which can the be swapped for something else ten years down the line.


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I hate how in perfect dark 64 the dark sims will kill you before you even see them.

I also hate games that are all luck.

But by far the game style that i hate most is fake instruments (guitar hero, rockband)
Mine are more or less general gaming trends than specific game genres or people.

The mindset that better graphics are all that matters
The ever increasing focus on online functionality on consoles

Those two trends are one of the reasons that I have a Wii and love it, but don't really care much about the either two consoles. Nice graphics and online play are fine, but when you base your game around only those two things, it is something I don't want anything to do with.