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Your game collection


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Here's mine, although it's incomplete. I tried to do the 2600 and Colecovision games from memory, so they're inaccurate. I tried as hard as I could to get as close as possible.



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Finally, someone started this thread... I have been wanting to start one up the last 2 nights!!... Nice collection Scuba! But I think I'll stick with mine lol


193 NES

52 2600


40 GCN

35 N64

17 GBA

13 PC

10 PS

6 DS

4 GB

4 Coleco

3 Genesis

3 VB

2 DC


1 Sega CD


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
When my money input picks up a little more I'm going to start collecting again. Those bulk lots on Ebay can be good deals. I want to get my hands on the lesser known 32-bit and 64-bit consoles just to have them. Not to mention a new SNES, Master System, and Saturn. It's hard to find a good big, Saturn lot.


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I used to have a collection. But now since i moved, i don't have anything any more.


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I dont really have any kind of collection, the games wind up just getting broken.


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I don't really have a collection, but I have owned many games over the years. Currently I have an Xbox (and PC, but that's another thread entirely) and some of my favorite titles I own are:

Halo 1&2
Splinter Cell (all 3)
GTA 3 & Vice City
NCAA Football (forgot which year, it's a couple old)
Max Payne 1&2
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

That's about it, or at least any of the games I've taken time to play.

I also enjoyed KOTOR, but I borrowed it from a friend.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Pianobone said:
NCAA Football (forgot which year, it's a couple old)
NCAA Football '03 is probably my favorite sports game ever (either that or NHLPA '93). I never played '04, but I got '05 and it was terrible. I don't trust EA to make quality games anymore.

Anyway, do you watch much college football? It's probably my favorite thing in the world. I'm sure you can guess what my favorite team is.


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Buckeye101 said:
I'm sure you can guess what my favorite team is.
Hmmm... Michigan? :lol:

I live smack in the middle of Cornhusker land and I love it. Nebraska is my team all the way.

Apparently EA bought the rights to make all the NCAA and NFL games for the next few years. That means that no-one else can make a football game and use NCAA or NFL teams. The new Blitz game is no longer "NFL" Blitz and the teams are all ficticious. That makes me very angry.