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Your friend lied ...


When you find out that your friend has told you a lie, what do you do?

a) You go right away and ask them to give you explanation about why they lied?
b) You wait for them to be the first to open this discussion?
c) It depends on the lie and its importance?
d) It depends on whether this friend is a close one or not?
e) others - please specify.
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A combination of C & D. It matters how important it was, and how close they are


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Mostly C. If it's a little white lie then it doesn't really matter, but if it's more serious then I'll look into it.


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Like Wade, a mixture of C & D. I'd be more annoyed over a less significant lie if it was from a close friend then I would if it was from just an acquaintance .


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It depends on a couple things, but I most likely just wouldn't say anything at all. So all of your options except A.

I guess I would try to work out why they had lied and if it was worth the bother of looking into.


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Like the others have said, it depends on how close the person is and why the lie.

Some things aren't all that important but it would probably still bother me to know WHY they felt the need to lie to me in the first place.

I would honestly think of a way to set them up to be busted - evil and catty, but hey.....that's me.


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will i chose c & a

if the lie for somethings importer i will ask them to give explanation

and also i don't believe him\her any more in future


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C followed by A if necessary. I've had to deal with a close friend being quite dishonest with me before and I was extremely hurt when it happened. Without going into detail, it still stings a bit today. I'm not the type to sit around and just wait for them to come clean because they won't.


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c) It depends on the lie and its importance
d) It depends on whether this friend is a close one or not

I'm really not up for confronting people unless it's something that has really caused a problem for me or someone else. Otherwise, I just usually let it go. It'll always be in the back of my mind though and I think I just tend to trust people less when I've caught them lying, even if the lies aren't all that bad.


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e) It depends on the importance of the friend.
If he is not a close friend I don't have to spend my time listening to his garbage so I'll just ignore him for the rest of my life. I won't answer his call, I won't do him favors, end of story.

If it is a really close friend of mine, I'll have to quickly go ahead and choose a), I want to know why he lied to me. He is certainly my friend and I would give him a chance to explain himself. Judging this close friend from here on end would be be personally judgmental.