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Your favourite Undertaker


aka ginger warlock
This may have been done before but I don't think it has, if it has I apologise, if you had to choose from the many faces of The Undertaker which would say is the best?

Which persona did you prefer out of the following:

Western Mortician
The Deadman
Lord of Darkness
Ministry of Darkness
American Bad Ass
Big Evil

I came into the WWE when he was out due to injury so really only saw him as the The American Bad Ass and Big Evil. I think I preferred him as TABA simply because that was when I got into and also the fact that he spoke more and I liked it when he spoke. He also did for what was in my opinion the best Wrestlemania events Taker match at WM17 (even if the WWE did not acknowledge it).

Which did you prefer?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Hands down Ministry of Darkness for me. I loved the angle and Taker having his group, and this was post-phenom. When he was the phenom, I had just started watching WWF again for the first time since I was a kid. I hadn't seen a lot of the Deadman when I was kid, and was disappointed that the phenom character wasn't that supernatural. I think the Ministry Undertaker was freaky and awesome.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Anything but that terrible American Badass crap, I'm still mad that, that ever happened haha. But I get it, he needed a change of pace but it still irks me to this day.

I loved the early stuff...everything up to when he changed to the American Badass. The Ministry stuff was pretty epic though.