Your favourite shopping centre?


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Where do you guys shop at?

I go to KMart and this cool clothes store, can't remember the name though.
There's a mall in Duluth I usually go to, that has a Best buy, Waldenbooks, Comic Book Store, and Game Stop. Otherwise, I only live a mile away from a Barnes and Nobles, Wal-mart, Best Buy, Game Stop, and five miles away from a comic book and collectibles store.


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Umm, JC Penney’s, Target, Best Buy, EB Games and Sports Authority to name a few.

I shop at Wal-Mart sometimes but I hate shopping there because Wal-Mart sucks.


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I like shopping at Sears because they sell STRUCTURE brand clothing, I love Structure!!! Other than that, Target, Best Buys, Virgin (Music and movie store), Walden Books, or I just like to go to the Exchange on base.



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There is an amazing mall kind of near where I live called Northpark... It has soo many stores, and it's always really pretty, especially during the wintertime. ^^

My second favorite shopping center/mall is this other mall called Grapevine Mills. It's like an outlet mall, so there are some weird things there sometimes, but for the most part, it's wonderful.


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St. John's Town Center. :D

It has tons of stores like Coach, Prada, Apple, Barnes and Nobles, Abercrombie, Aero, American Eagle...

It's so pretty this time of the year. They put tons of lights up and trees. I love it at night.


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There's this one mall over where the "rick people" live. They've got all these stores I've never even heard of before. I mostly go to the Banana Republic, Dillards/JC Penny, Puma, and [assorted shoe stores].

Outside of that mall, there's the bookstore (B%N or Borders) and supermarkets :p