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Your favourite family member?


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My favourite family member has to be my eldest sister, when I was younger, she always took care of me when my parents were away working and I grew close with her and to this day, we still talk a lot even though she's off married now and expecting twins. I couldn't have asked for a better sister to have.


Free Spirit
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I would have to say my son. He was always easy to reason with when growing up and we are still very close. I also have an uncle that I love and of course my grandmother whom I still miss very much.


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My favourite family member would have to be my late great uncle. He had a life completely the opposite of mine. He got discharged from the army because of a medical condition, so ended up travelling all of Australia, busking and drawing for a living. He was one of the cheeriest, kindest people I've ever known, and I didn't get to know him nearly as well as I would have liked.


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My oldest sister Stephlana (Lana). Until a year or so ago we never had much in common, she is 5 years older than me so we were never into the same things. But her and I now get along very well and she has done so much to help me through my struggles. She treats me like a mother treats a daughter, but I know it is only because she cares.


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My kids are the obvious answer for this one,but apart from them I would say my older brother,we have become very close over the past few years,and although he is not the easiest person to get along with we have some great times together.

Sharing that spot is also my father,he has a sense of humour that always brings a smile to my day.
I talk to parents everyday and my brother every chance I get.

My eldest brother,well we don't see eye to eye at all,pretty much just grate on each others nerves.

Then there is my cousin,outside of siblings he is my favourite person.
He has been through a lot over the course of 55 years,including his first wife dying in a car crash and his second wife drinking herself to death,and a couple of stints in prison.
He turned his life around,his passion for his sons is unrivaled,and he always seems so happy.


Son of Liberty
Like Wolf my kids would be the obvious answer, but other than them, my dad. My dad and I have always been close and he's my source of advice for everything. He's a pragmatic guy who always thinks things through and gives me solid well thought out advice about anything. He's been my best friend throughout my life.


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Gosh, it's a tough question to be sure. My favorite family member?

Do I choose one of my various siblings? How about mom? My father?

Here's the problem... I kind of like all of them a lot :lol:. I suppose I can say that my favorite is someone in my immediate family, it sort of stops there though. I get along with everyone pretty much all the time. There are certainly specific people that I look up to but I don't see anyone as a favorite. I love my extended family too, but my immediate family is my life.


My favorite family member will be my great great niece and she will come into this world in the next few weeks and i will be a great great uncle for the first time and I am totally excited :yahoo::hoorah: