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    I wasn't quite sure wither to stick this in humour or here...but if a mod thinks it should be moved then please do so.

    So who are some of your favourite comedians/acts, name a few and post links so we can all have a good laugh...obviously some comedians will swear and say things people may find offensive better put a warning on the whole thread just in case!

    Marcus Brigstock
    YouTube - The Twat in Iraq

    Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis
    YouTube - Punt & Dennis explain "Spot the Stiff"

    Mitch Benn
    YouTube - Mitch Benn: Obamabama! (The Now Show)

    The Now Show (Featuring Marcus Brigstocke, Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, Mitch Benn, John Holmes and Laura Shavin):-
    YouTube - Marcus Brigstocke- Tax Cake

    Milton Jones
    YouTube - Milton Jones, BBC Music Hall Meltdown, May 2007

    Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie
    YouTube - A Bit Of Fry and Laurie - Barman

    And to finish off we have the At Last the 1948 Show
    YouTube - At last the 1948 show - Lets speak english

    And the Pythons!

    YouTube - Monty Python - Four Yorkshiremen

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    They aren't sharing links though.
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    Russell Peters, but he's died out now :(
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    I absolutly love Ricky Gervais, Al Murray, Peter Kay and Graham Norton. This is one of my favourite Graham Norton clips, it has me on the floor every time I watch it!

    YouTube - Funny Surnames - So Graham Norton

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