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Your Favourite Burgers


Registered Member
I am lucky that in the city I live in we have multiple places to get a good burger. One of these places is a chain called "Almost Famous", they are not the cheapest burger in town but for my money they are the best. The toppings awe awesome, the burgers are juicy and they are the sort that leave you having to sit still for ten minutes to digest them. Not only that but they have awesome bacon bacon fries. Fries that come with bacon bits and bacon flavour sauce.

We recently had a Five Guys open and sadly it just did not compare to AF, it tasted bland, dull and like any other burger I have ever had, it was depressing.

But what is your favourite burger joint? What do you like on your burger?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I was addicted(went once a week) to Five Guys when they first opened here, but now I barely go. It's just way too expensive. I also used to love the Quarter Pounder at McDonalds now I can barely eat one.

There was this place in Toronto that had amazing burgers. Maybe it's because I was extremely hammered but it was cooked to perfection.

I'm pretty simply with my burgers. Mayo, Onions, Green Peppers and Cheddar Cheese.


I ♥ Haters
Bob's. Haha. Okay, bad joke is bad.

I'm a vegetarian so I don't indulge in red meat (duh) but there are literally hundreds of great places in Vancouver to get good vegeburgers. Fat Burger is definitely my favorite at the moment. Although I can never seem to finish those bitches because they're freakishly huge. My second favourite place is probably the Cactus Club.


McGillicuddy's. A local pub that has about 15 different kinds of burgers. The Maker's Mark being my favorite. I need to go back there soon.


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I also used to love the Quarter Pounder at McDonalds now I can barely eat one.
Same thing. I think the problem is that once you distance yourself from McDonald's foods for awhile and have real burgers, as soon as you go back to the McDonald's burger, it doesn't taste like a burger anymore but rather that characteristic McDonald's taste that all their foods have in common. So it's like "What is this shit? Oh right... it's McDonald's. But I don't want McDonald's. I want a burger". So now if you want a burger, you can't have McDonald's, or it's going to taste like crap by comparison to the real thing (burgers).


Free Spirit
Staff member
I use to really like Burger King but now my favorite are barbecued on my own grill.


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To me, their is nothing like a Big Mac from McDonalds. I just love the taste. And I'd eat them a lot if they were actually healthy for me.