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Your Favourite Brands


Registered Member
Please outline your favourite brand for the following product lines.

1) Lager/Beer
2) Chocolate
3) Dog Food
4) Cigarettes
5) Soft Drink
6) Fast Food outlet (Including quick sandwich shops, pastry places, bakers etc)
7) Electrical Manufacturer
8) Newspapers
9) Wine
10) Website
11) Charity Organisation
12) Coffee-Tea product manufacturers
13) Petrol/Gasoline Station Companies

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yellow 4!
1) Lager/Beer - I've only discovered I like them in the past several months, so I don't really have a favourite. I'll try any. The only preference I have so far is that it's out of a bottle and not can/glass. :D
2) Chocolate - Galaxy. Though I don't eat chocolate much any more.
3) Dog Food - Don't have a dog.
4) Cigarettes - Don't smoke.
5) Soft Drink - Don't really drink them, but dr pepper is probably my 'favourite'.
6) Fast Food outlet - All of them! Lol, maybe mcdonalds or KFC. I really don't go to any of them much... random takeaways after nights out are good though.
7) Electrical Manufacturer - no u.
8) Newspapers - Don't read them.
9) Wine - Anything cheap!
10) Website - GF and hotmail and fb and yt. Ok, my favourite is GF.
11) Charity Organisation - My local donkey sanctuary! Well, that's the only one I've actively helped out with. As for other charities, I just give change to the people that stand outside shops all the time because sometimes you get a sticker. :nod:
12) Coffee-Tea product manufacturers - Twinings.
13) Petrol/Gasoline Station Companies - Shell or BP? No preference really but they're the ones I always seem to end up at.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
1) Lager/Beer: Bud Light
2) Chocolate: Ummm, Snickers bar?
3) Dog Food: No dog
4) Cigarettes: No smoking
5) Soft Drink: Dr. Pepper
6) Fast Food outlet (Including quick sandwich shops, pastry places, bakers etc): McDonald, Taco Bell or White Castle
7) Electrical Manufacturer: Ameren Missouri?
8) Newspapers: St Louis Post-Dispatch
9) Wine: Don't really drink enough wine to have a favorite
10) Website: GF, Yahoo, Facebook, Rajah.com
11) Charity Organisation: All of the good ones
12) Coffee-Tea product manufacturers: No specific preference
13) Petrol/Gasoline Station Companies: I have a shell credit card so I'll go with that. I frequent BP, QuikTrip and Phillips 66 as well.


Where is my Queen?
1) Lager/Beer: Blue Moon
2) Chocolate: 3 Musketeers
3) Dog Food: Don't have a dog
4) Cigarettes: Marlboro
5) Soft Drink: Coca Cola
6) Fast Food outlet (Including quick sandwich shops, pastry places, bakers etc): Chick Fil A
7) Electrical Manufacturer: Entergy
8) Newspapers: Houston Chronicle
9) Wine: Never drank wine
10) Website: Generalforum and youtube
11) Charity Organisation: Committee of Missing Chilren
12) Coffee-Tea product manufacturers: Don't drink coffee or tea
13) Petrol/Gasoline Station Companies: Exxon


Registered Member
1) Lager/Beer------N/A, not a beer drinker~
2) Chocolate----Ehh, I don't care for chocolate, but if I eat any, I like Reese's peanut butter cups~
3) Dog Food-------N/A
4) Cigarettes----N/A--I don't smoke~
5) Soft Drink-----Pepsi!!!
6) Fast Food outlet (Including quick sandwich shops, pastry places, bakers etc) ---Subway~
7) Electrical Manufacturer-----G-fucking-E, what do you mean by this??
8) Newspapers-----N/A
9) Wine-----White, but rarely~
10) Website-----If I told y'all, you'd be all up in my shit *haha*...seriously, GF and I have a couple of others~
11) Charity Organisation------All Cancer Charities~
12) Coffee-Tea product manufacturers-----Not a coffee drinker....and Gold Peak Sweet Tea~
13) Petrol/Gasoline Station Companies----Shell or Conoco~


Haters gonna hate.
1) Underage... but Bud.
2) Hershey's
3) um....
4) Don't smoke
5) Dr. Pepper
6) McDonald's
7) ??? This one is a little funny.
8) My local paper, The Morning Call
9) ANYTHING white
10) Facebook, Twitter, Last.Fm, Tumblr... all tied
11) Boy Scouts of America (I am an Eagle Scout)
12) Folgers
13) Wawa


No Custom Title Exists
1) Corona Extra & Carlton Draught
2) Cardbury
3) Whatever the dog likes to eat..I don't feed it anyway.
4) Don't smoke.
5) 7 Up
6) KFC
7) Umm. If this is who my electrical company is, it's TRU
8) Herald Sun
9) None
10) Facebook & Tumblr
11) The Glenn McGrath Foundation
12) Don't drink coffee
13) Don't have a car


1) Lager/Beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon
2) Chocolate: Reese's
3) Dog Food: Pedigree
4) Cigarettes: I don't smoke
5) Soft Drink: Pepsi
6) Fast Food outlet: Burger King
7) Electrical Manufacturer: I have no idea.
8) Newspapers: The Times Argus
9) Wine: Boone's Farm
10) Website: Facebook, General Forum, ESPN
11) Charity Organisation: All of them
12) Coffee-Tea product manufacturers: Twisted Tea
13) Petrol/Gasoline Station Companies: Citgo


Registered Member
1) Lager/Beer: Guiness
2) Chocolate:
Not a big fan of that
3) Dog Food: Don't have a dog
4) Cigarettes: Not a smoker
5) Soft Drink: Coca-cola
6) Fast Food outlet (Including quick sandwich shops, pastry places, bakers etc): TFC
7) Electrical Manufacturer: SMH
8) Newspapers: Guardian
9) Wine:
10) Website: Huffingtonpost
11) Charity Organisation: Can't remember
12) Coffee-Tea product manufacturers:
13) Petrol/Gasoline Station Companies: Shell


I ♥ Haters
Okay, here goes...

1) Lager/Beer - Molson Canadian
2) Chocolate - Twix
3) Dog Food - Kibbles & Bits or Pedigree
4) Cigarettes - I don't smoke
5) Soft Drink - Pepsi
6) Fast Food outlet - Subway
7) Electrical Manufacturer - Sony, Pioneer and JVC
8) Newspapers - Vancouver Sun
9) Wine - Red
10) Website - GF
11) Charity Organisation - BCSPCA
12) Coffee-Tea product manufacturers - Starbucks
13) Petrol/Gasoline Station Companies - Chevron (only cuz thats the closest to my house)