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Your Favorite Videogame Music



I must start with all the music Marty Odonnel made for Halo...he's my all time favorite composer for videogame scores.

The music in bejeweled and that geometry game for the xbox arcade is my favorite minigame music. Entrancing stuff.

Other than that, the only game i can think of is Timesplitters 1 and 2...never played future perfect but those games had also some of the most well created and also diversified scores ive heard.


Sally Twit
Final Fantasy X had the best music in any game I've ever played. I actually have most of the tracks on my iPod.
The music during the battle with Jecht was my favourite. You can rock out while you play!


Well-Known Member
I would have to agree with Bliss, but I'm more tha just FFX, I like all the music from FF7-FFX-2. It's just music that fits right with the game and the video clips in each game that fits so well. Plus, I'm a big fan of orchestra numbers, especially original pieces.



Where is my Queen?
This is one song will stick with me forever and I consider this as one of my favorites. A song from FFVII.

Aerith's Theme - YouTube
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Haters gonna hate.
Three songs come to mind for me:

3) UC3: Drake's Theme
Seriously. So sweeping... so epic... so amazing. It is hard to top the orchestration on this.

2) Mass Effect 2: Suicide Mission Theme
As a Mass Effect fanboy, this theme stands above the rest from the series so far. I love how foreboding it sounds, and the music makes it come across that some people will die on this mission. Loved it when I first heard it, love it to this day.


1) Baba Yetu
The only song from a video game to win a Grammy. The only song from a video game to feature the stunning Soweto Gospel Choir. This is a movie-worthy song with strong vocals, strings, and percussion. Nothing beats this. So moving. Civ IV was better because of this song.


I think all the Final Fantasy games have great music, even the originals.

FF2/4 on the snes had awesome music for the 16 bit era.

I would also like to say that the music in Dragon Age: Origins is both beautiful and awesome.