Your favorite rappers?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Kidd, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. Kidd

    Kidd Guest

    In no order.

    3.Ice Cube
    6.Eazy E

    I consider myself more of an old school listener. I rather listen to NWA , then crap songs by Jim Jones,50 cent, Lil' Wayne etc.

    Rap these days is close to a joke.

  2. Fresh

    Fresh Aw, Here It Goes!

    Naw it is a joke, thankfully we have rappers like Nas that are still carrying the game:

  3. Tan

    Tan Guest

    I dont like rappers that rap about gangs and stuff, besides tupac maybe

    1. Travis from Gym class heroes
    2. Lupe Fiasco
    3. common
    4. Tupac
  4. OldStyle

    OldStyle Guest

    i can't really stand rap, but there are a few that i'll listen to.

    - notorious big
    - ice cube
    - ludacris
    - busta rhymes
  5. kajinpl

    kajinpl Registered Member

    Right now it's Tech N9ne hands down. As far as other rappers that would be..............

    -Mos Def

    I'm usually a big fan of old skoolers though.
  6. andrew_bishop

    andrew_bishop #1 Spammer of FC

    Eminem is basically all the rap I listen to. Im mostly into metal but there are some other remixes of songs by metal bands that are alright I guess. Eminem is just my favourite though but not his "dirty" songs , Well you know what im talking about. My favourite songs are Lose Yourself and When Im Gone. Both crazy songs. Not really a fan of any other type of rap but some songs are decent but only in small doses over long periods of time.
  7. LakerJazz

    LakerJazz Guest

    1. Tupac-The only genius who was a rapper.
    2. LL-Gotta give the old man props for his longevity.
    3. Rakim-Don't come much better
    4. Chuck D- Back in the day, when rap meant something, Chuck was all od that.
    5. Big Daddy Kane-Flowed like no other.

    I must admit that I pretty much stopped listening to pop and rap around 1999 or so, so I'm behind the times.
  8. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    1) Tupac(if you really listen to is lyrics you'll understand why he's the best rapper of all time)

    2)Lloyd Banks


    4)Lil Wayne


    I only gave a description for Tupac, because he's the man.
  9. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine.
  10. wyldesykosis

    wyldesykosis Feral

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