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Your Favorite Members?


Who are your favorite GF/PM members? Past or present, it doesn't matter. Who made you come back to this place over and over?
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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
@Bliss - Super smart. Always love her wit and attitude.

@ysabel - Fucking legendary.

@AnitaKnapp - She's off living the mom life now but I always took the time to read her posts.

@Babe_Ruth - His passion is contageious. I regret having such a long term feud.

@Bubbles - We're a lot alike. Similar politics, likes, passion. One of my favorite all time posters for sure.

@CaptainObvious - Honorable mention for working hard to keep this place active.

@dDave - We're very different people but I like that he's another type of person who can agree to disagree. He's great to just chat with.

@English-Emo-Boy - Good chap. Really funny. Chat legend.

@EXQEX9 - Bathroom Wall/chat legend.

@Hiei - Dark lord of the underworld. Speaks his mind.

@Hilander - Dedicated to the forum. One hell of a solid member we're glad to have.

@icegoat63 - Really smart dude.

@Impact - My buddy, or at least used to be. We had a ton of fun together in chat and the forum games. She had a very balanced posting style that I don't know how to explain.

@Iris - My buddy! Another Bathroom Wall, chat, and forum game legend.

@Jeanie - I miss Jeanie a lot. I sued to vent to her.

@Konshentz - Another poster I have a lot in common with. I love playing fantasy sports with you.

@Major/Echoes - Literaly my best friend.

@MenInTights - I respect your opinion a lot. Another poster I make sure to read your whole posts. Unless you're arguing with CO.

@Merc - Another person who isn't afraid to lay it out and speak the truth. I have a ton of respect for Merc/Cons.

@Millz - Another poster I have a ton of respect for. We were on staff together for a long time and interact on every level of forum game. And he's a great dude.

@Mirage/Hybrix Maz/Brix/The Boss - Dude's been my friend for a long time. I can't even count how many times he's drug me back to this place unintentionall and intentionally. Great to bounce ideas off of.

@Nightsurfer - All around good dude and missing legend of the forum. We had a few clashes and a lot of chats. I hope all is well with him.

@Shwa - Always makes me laugh. We have a lot of the same opinions on stuff.

@Smelnick - One of the only times I've ever noticed a newbie and caught on instantly. Huge fan of Danny.

@Wade8813 - He can turn anything into a debate and keep it going forever. It's a shame he quit in protest years ago. I'd love to have Wade back.


I almost forgot @Shooting_Palanx - The single most underrated poster ever.
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Embrace the Suck
@AnitaKnapp my oldest friend on here. I miss her very much.

@Bubbles She was always one of my favorite posters.

Oh_Snap Another one that was always one of my favorites. She was a good friend.

@Doc I always enjoyed your take on things. One of the best posters this place has ever had.

@Millz Hands down one of the people I respect the most here.

@Merc Man I miss that dude.

@Echoes So much I regret.

@Babe_Ruth Have to hand to him, he has contributed so much to this place.

@MenInTights Love that dude. My brother from another mother.

@Mirage Tons of respect for.

@Jeanie I miss her very much.

@Konshentz Always been a guy who I’ve liked and thought was cool as shit

@ysabel My sister, and mom’s favorite.

@icegoat Always a dude I got a long with.

@dDave always liked the guy. Easy to talk to.

@Hilander. Someone I’ve come to really like and respect.

Expectantly Ironic and PretzelCorp. I miss both of those guys. Great posters.

@AngelsPeak Someone I got know and really liked. I shared some personal things with her and she was a big source of support.
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Secret Agent
Staff member
At the risk of hurting a lot of people by leaving them off this list, I’m limiting mine to people who joined in 2005 or earlier. Everyone else; you are awesome too.

@AngelsPeak - A long term friend.
@Dragon - A staple in this place for the longest time.
@Doc - The single biggest emotional supporter I have ever had through thick and thin here. One of my longest standing friendships as well. I love reminiscing about retro Internet days with you as well as just talking modern life.
@JjCrazyboy - A long term IRL friend who was active at back in the day. I still talk to him weekly.
@Lifter84 - The first person to join me in this venture and I think the first mod ever. Haven’t talked to him in about 18 years and never knew his real name but having a partner really helped early on. Hope you’re doing well, man!
@Major - Miss you. Glad we got to hang out in person. Love talking about life with you.
@MenInTights - Always appreciated your demeanor.
@Mr_Snipes - We need to catch up. Another mod and supporter from the early days. We knew each other in real life from a job we both held together.
@Nightsurfer - Definitely a super cool guy.
@PaulZ108 - You were great to work with. Another one I haven’t spoken to in AGES.
@Pianobone - Another IRL friend who hasn’t been here in a very long time.
@RarePD - The first person I ever met in person from this place and a super cool guy
@Shooting_Palanx - The longest term member I am aware of who literally never once experienced or contributed to any drama here personally.
@Stargun007 - I wish you well. Another mod from like 2001.
@Teorropy - The mod formerly known as Gnopostopi. Great dude I used to work with IRL as well.

And I just realized not a lot of women joined this place during that time period haha. Plenty of dudes on that list.

I probably still forgot somebody from that era. Sorry! You are awesome too.



not a plastic bag
This thread sucks because I'm going to leave out somebody.
@Mirage I feel like I have more in common with than anyone else.
@CaptainObvious My closest friend here.
@pro2A Wish I could go back in time and help you.
@dDave The funniest guy here
@AngelsPeak So happy to see where you are and what's happened to you since we first met.
@Doc Still pissed that I could never beat the bastard at poker
@Echoes One of my favorite posters
@Babe_Ruth Incredible amount of devotion to building this.
@AnitaKnapp great person
@Wade Ton of respect. Great stories.
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/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Pretty much everyone of the 20
Forum Top Posters list (except that dude Mirage, who is he?) because they kept the place active and interesting when I spent a lot of time here. Wade has also been adopted by my family here in FR. Some of the top posters are still here and active which makes me come back since the beginning of the month, especially Dave and Doc who rose to the April Fool's challenge.

Some are not on that top poster list but are members whom I've had the pleasure to meet/talk IRL (Jeanie, Lauren, SuiGeneris, Vegito). Bananas and I hang out every now and then, we'll except this year due to the lockdown, haha.

PS1 - CaptainObvious, mom says she forgives you, come back home, brother.

PS2 Somehow, after seeing icegoat's name, I thought of pets. Remember when GF had pets we had to feed and we had bets/games with them? Haha


Definitely my favorite member. The first person I made any connection with here. We had a lot of the same interests and held down similar areas of the forum. Also lots of Poker and Joe Budden and Yahoo chats.

Once I got out from under the shadow of negativity my ex had brought upon me, I got along with Pam very well. Like most of the people on this list, we shared a lot in common. She was definitely one of my favorites.

Excellent dude. Super friendly and positive. We share a love of sports and video games. Been trying to beat him in fantasy sports for a decade. Haha. We still chat outside of this place somewhat regularly.

Another good dude. Top notch taste in music/movies/TV. A great poster and an outstanding fantasy commissioner. The only negative I can see is that he routinely beats my ass in fantasy hockey (and now fantasy baseball). Haha.

A subtalk legend and a first ballot Hall of Famer. I had to work my way out of the Jaszi dog house with her, too. And it was worth it. It's a shame she's not around anymore.

Easily one of the funniest members. In the early days, when I was first starting to wander into subtalk, she always made it quite the adventure. Haha. Another person who always had great taste in... well, pretty much everything.

The Michael Jordan of GF. He held this place down consistently with tons of recruits and posts. You could always count on him to have a bunch of new threads waiting for you the next time you logged in. Haha.

Enjoyed playing poker against him. I've also battled him in fake sports for years (with varying degrees of success). A huge presence on this forum and a fun guy to discuss a huge variety of topics with.

The poker master. The poker and arcade tournaments are some of my favorite memories from this place and he was a huge part of it. We were also both very fond of Showtime dramedies.

A rock solid member. I don't dip my toes into the Mature Discussion section all that often but any time we interact outside of there, I've always enjoyed chatting with him.

Another person that kept me coming back to the nonsense that was subtalk. She was hilarious and always made this place a little more fun.

A funny dude. We had a lot of great conversations in the movie section. One of my favorite members back in my early days.

She was awesome. Adorable and spunky. She definitely kept things upbeat around this place, even during the drama-filled times.
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