Your favorite comedian and his/her jokes


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Since we're talking about humor, what's your favorite coomedian? Mine is Dave Chapelle,Jo Koy, and Mitch headberg. Dane cook's ok, ut he gets a bit repetitive at times.

Some examples.... I can't tell you the hotel I'm stayin' at, but there ae two trees involved. People said "Let's name this hotel something tree." So we had a meeting, was quite short. "Ok let's see tree-- no, double tree-- HELL YEAH! Meeting adjourned." I had my heart set on quadruple tree, well we were ALMOST THERE....

Any comedian and some joke of is you wanna share you know where to go.


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Thanks to oxy (another member here) I discovered Paravonian. I've watched several of his videos online and I can't single out a joke a like the most. I probably will even watch his live show (if he ever comes here, lol) - the only comic act I'd be willing to pay for.


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George Carlin.

No contest. "The Thinking Man's Comic" as he is called is nothing short of a legend. If you've never heard him, you do not know comedy.

Ron White is another personal favorite of mine.


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How is he your favorite and you don't know any of his jokes? How about "The dentist"? "Having a good time"? Or "Chocolate Cake"?


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Mitch Hedburg.

"I don't have a girlfriend, I just know a girl who would get really angry if she heard me say that."


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Dara O'Briain

Ladies, a guy will always start telling you he's breaking up with you in the same way. He'll say.. "Listen..." And I'll tell you what you have to say to that as soon as you hear them say that, just say "I f***ed your brother". Doesn't matter if he doesn't have a brother, infact even better.

However that doesn't mean everytime he says listen you say that. For example if you're in a forest together, camping out and just lying there with the wind breezing gently through the trees and nature surrounds you completely; and he turns to you and says "Listen.." Not a good time.

Or if you're in bed and you hear a noise downstairs, he sits bolt upright, not moving a single muscle and whispers "Listen.." it doesn't mean you then sit up, drearly rub your eyes and while yawning say "I f***ed your brother".


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There's also this other guy, Dave Chapelle

Feelings are very important to women... They are... I'm just learnin' this shit.... Everything's based on how they feel...
Now when a man tell the stories, it's all facts. WHO what when where why.
"It was me and this guy Bob, and we was at safeway, and that f***** Bob said this, and I punched that f*****, and I broke out. And that's the story.
But they gotta talk about it.... They just gotta talk about it.
I be in the couch chillin' and shit. My lady come up to me and she goes... "David.... We need to talk...' "FUCK" I don't say that out loud... that's how I feel inside.