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Your Favorite 5: RPGs


Haters gonna hate.
The second in this series is rather simple. Of all the RPGs ever made, which are your favorite 5?

5) Mass Effect 1 - The original ME introduced the characters that I grew to care about most in my favorite franchise of all time, and it did so in the best way possible.
4) Star Wars: KOTOR 1 - The first really stellar RPG I ever enjoyed. Also a good source of fan service, which I like. XD
3) Skyrim - Endless. I still go back and have more stuff to do in it. That's the best part.
2) Final Fantasy X - My favorite game of the FF series, and the only one I will likely go back to. I beat it 3 times in one year when it first came out.
1) Mass Effect 2 - The pinnacle of action-RPG, with fantastic storytelling, wonderful characters, and action to last days. An absolute work of art.

Honorable Mentions: Mother 2, Chrono Trigger, Deus Ex


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Mine are not dissimilar to yours.

5. Mass Effect
4. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
3. Mass Effect 3(minus the ending)
2. Mass Effect 2
1. Star Wars: KoToR.


Haters gonna hate.
Mass Effect 3 was a clear #7 on my list, including the ending. After playing through it a third time, I can understand where some the disappointments are coming from and I while the action was tremendous, it has nothing on ME1 or ME2.


5.) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

I enjoy the Star Wars universe, but I've never been a huge fan. My uncle recommended this game to me and after some hesitation, I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did. I sunk a good 15-20 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. I sold my Xbox before i could beat it though.

4.) Final Fantasy VII

The only FF game I've ever played for more than a few hours. This was one of my best friend's favorite games back in the day. I started playing it at his house & got hooked. Lots of time was spent playing this game.

3.) Fallout

This is one of the few games I played during my brief PC career. I absolutely loved it.

2.) Fallout 2

Same as above... except this one is better.

1.) Fallout 3

This easily gets my #1 spot. Love, love, loved this game. I can never get enough of running into a group of Mutants or Deathclaws... and screaming as I did my best to run away. Haha.

Honorable mentions go to: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Fable, Fallout: New Vegas.


Haters gonna hate.
Fun fact: I haven't even played Fallout 3 yet. I have the Game of the Year edition. I should get to playing that. Going through Amalur again right now. So my personal jury on that game is still out. I have, however, played Fallout 1 and 2, and those are probably #11 and #12 on my list, respectively.


This is one of my least favorite genres, so I definitely don't have a ton of games to choose from. Haha.


I could have made this list all Final Fantasy games because I love that series so much, I even enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII although I still need to finish it.

I'm only going to pick one game per series though.

5) Mass Effect 2: I was going to put Mass Effect 3 in because of two pivotal moments in the story that I still think about however, and I know that it's been repeated over a million times, that ending really fizzled out and made me put the game away. Mass Effect 2 on the other hand had such an intense and satsifying ending that as soon as I finished I rolled a new character.

4) Chrono Trigger: Years and years go by and this game is still fun to play. No matter what happens I can't seem to shake my love for this game. I know everything there is to know and yet I am always excited for another Chrono Trigger playthrough.

3) Secret of Mana: For one reason and one reason only. Co-Op. Hooking up a multi-tap to my SNES and having myself and two friends go hack and slashing through this awesome world has been unrivalled.

2) Final Fantasy IX: It's really difficult to choose one Final Fantasy game out of all of them and it was a toss up between Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy XII but then when I really thought about it the game that game me the best overall adventure was IX. I love these characters and this world, the villain was super campy but the visuals and the battle gameplay were so great that I chose this one.

1) Dragon Age: Origins: In my opinions Dragon Age: Origins was a much better medieval rpg than any of the Elder Scrolls. This was the first game I played where I genuinely felt as though I was apart of the story and that my decisions came down to more than Good Choice/Bad Choice. But also the conversational options involved helped me actually give my guy a sense of character.

Not the best RPGs of all time list but these are my favourite ones to play. Games that I can pick up any time and have fun playing.


Haters gonna hate.
Dragon Age: Origins? Wow. I loved that game, but for some reason it slipped my mind... lol. It would have probably been #6 though.

I think my opinion of Dragon Age: Origins slipped a bit when I played the much less exciting and not as good Dragon Age 2.


Dragon Age 2 was a major let down because it could have been great. The Qunari storyline was really awesome.

Dragon Age: Origins was so great and had all the things that I love in an RPG which is why it is my most favourite.