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Your Favorate DB, DBZ Quote.

Now lets get started this is verry simple it can be a filler quote, a Manga quote, or just an american translation quote, now lets get to the question. What's your favorate DB, DBZ quote, and why this is mine:

  Not in this form, not yet. I know I look like I can beat Cell, but these bulky muscles make it hard to move fast and if I'm going to beat cell I can't have anything slowing me down. I may have great power, but what good is it if I can't catch my enemy, it take more than brute strength to win a fight.

  And Transformations waste alot of energy, you've been finding that out yourself when you turn into a super saiyan yourself, it's not easy right? right! You see we can't afford to waste all that energy, and we need the super saiyan power too you see, somehow we need to get the point where it feels natual to be a super saiyan so we can stay like that all the time. I want you to try being a super saiyan for the whole day, we'll slowdown our training until it stops feeling so wierd.

I like this one b/c it shows exactly how smart Kakarrot is when it comes to planning to fight.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I am not a 100% accurate on mine

When it's the final tournament before Buu arrives Kabuto or something like that is about to fight Gohan then he's like I want you to go your full power then Gohan is like this then he starts powering up, I know I am not really saying the quote but that's my favorite quote, but like I said I am not 100% accurate on it.