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TV Your fave character in a spin off show?


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Which of your TV characters would you like to see in their own spin off show? Just like Joey did from Friends, which was an absolute failure anyway.

I would love to see Sheldon Cooper in his own spin off show, it would be a great laugh just like Big Bang Theory is.


still nobody's bitch
I'm not sure Sheldon would be funny on his own. The humor comes from the relationships between the characters. He would have to have really good supporting characters.

Rhoda. Now there was a damn good spin-off show. Plus she rocked the head scarf like no one else ever (until Little Steven, anyway)


rainbow 11!
joey had a spinoff? sounds terrible.

maybe Shepard book. his story is shrouded in mystery and I'd love to see some light shed on it.

another would be michonne. she such a cool character.


I actually love two of Kays suggestions already. Shephard Book and Michonne would both make awesome spin-off shows. I'd easily watch either of them.

I watch Pretty Little Liars and it isn't a great show, it's more of a guilty pleasure than anything, but one character is amazing! Mona. I would watch a show just about Mona.


I'm serious
I really don't like it when characters get their own spin-offs. They are hardly ever a hit. If a series is awesome, the spin-off won't ever be AS awesome. And if the series is already not that great, the spin-off won't be much better. Likely. In my opinion.

That said, I really liked The Finder, which was sort of a spin-off of Walter Sherman that had a guest appearance(s) in Bones. He wasn't exactly a regular role on Bones though, so not sure if that would count. Either way, as far as I can tell, The Finder only had one season, so it wasn't a hit at all. :-/


I'd watch a spin-off show starring Dr. Sweets from Bones. I think they could do some interesting stuff with his character.

I would've loved to have seen the Dwight spin-off they were planning. It's too bad that never got the green light.

I like the idea of a Book spin-off. Same goes for Michonne. Depending where The Walking Dead goes, I'd definitely be interested.


Sally Twit
I really love Deb in Dexter. I'd watch a spinoff if she was in it.

She is really funny and drama follows her around. It'd be even better if Quinn was a part of it.


It's not me, it's you.
I don't really enjoy spin off shows and can't think of one I would possibly want to see. I hated Joey, it was awful. I also hated the Cleveland Show as well. I can't think of a single spin off I have liked.

That being said, I probably would have watched a Dwight spin off.