Your Family Proximity

On a scale of 1 to 4 how spread is your family?

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Son of Liberty
How close are you to your family? With the holidays on the way alot of people will be doing some traveling where as some wont really have to. In your case how spread out is your family?

In my personal case I've got a few straglers that have moved to other states but the major majority of all my family is located in the two counties here. Basically if someone were to drop a Nuke here you could whipe out this version of the Thompson line :hah:

So how 'bout it? How spread apart is your family?


Boom Boom Pow!
Most of my family all live quite close in the same town.
but i have an aunty in australia, some family in New Zealand and some other family in Canada aswell. so its dotted about really


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Well i live in New Zealand, as does my dad and one brother. My mum and another brother live in England, and then my nana lives somewhere in the States.
I don't think we've ever been all together for the holidays or at any other time for that matter


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I didn't voted because I feel like there should be an option "Can only be reached by a phone call or email" My parents live a half hour away from me, my oldest brother is still in Maryland while we're in Texas, and my middle brother is out at sea with the Navy. So I can only communicate with my brothers via phone or e-mail at most.



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Most all of my family is in Ca there is a hole bunch of us here in the same town and a couple of towns over. I have a few relatives that live in different states but i don't even know them, never met them. So they're complete strangers.


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I get to make a day trip on Saturday since I can't leave for Christmas this year. It's 2 1/2 hours to my sisters, then 45 minutes from there to dad's and then 40 minutes from there to my mom's, and then 3 hours from my mom's to home. Yay me.


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Most of my close family live in the same area or not to far out,my parents,nephew and nieces,and my aunt live just across the road from each other.
I live a short bus ride from them,as does one of my brothers.
My eldest brother and his husband live down the coast but ill be travelling up to my parents,so that only leaves my sister nd her family in mexico.


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All my family is about a 25-30 minute drive away so where not spread around at all. The family members that I spend Christmas with is about a 15 minute drive, so we live very close to eachother.


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We are spread out a little, meaning my mom and dad and all my sisters live within 3 hours of each other (which is not far at all to my family), most of Knyte's family lives in the same house, and then we live in AZ and Knyte's oldest sister lives in Seattle. We are the only ones that won't be at one of the Parent's houses for Christmas.