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your experience with the shot


not a plastic bag
Who has seen first hand adverse reaction to the shot?
My parents aren't the same as they were a year ago. Forgetful, moody.. I don't know if it's the shot or if it's simply because they are 90.
I live in an area of high resistance to the shot and honestly don't know a lot of ppl that have got it.


Embrace the Suck
I haven’t gotten it. My dad got it in January. No effects so far. I don’t know anyone who has had negative long term effects. Just short term soreness or sickness so far.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Got the first shot in April...2nd dose in May. General arm soreness like you'd get from any other shot but didn't have any side effects at all. No sicknesses, no nauseous, headaches, fatigue, etc. Nothing at all. Same with Rebecca. Couple family members had a rough 24 hours after the 2nd shot but that's about it.


Creeping On You
I got the first shot in may, then got covid like 3 weeks later because of dumbass coworkers not being careful, having a gathering, and then coming to work. That was a not fun few days, and then being stuck at home 2 weeks. Then got the second shot in july, and had a day of fatigue the next day but otherwise nothing. I was glad to have had the first shot already, I probably would have had way worse covid symptoms.