Your Email Program


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I've been struggling over my email program recently, I've bounced from Outlook Express to Incredimail and now I'm using the Mozilla Thunderbird.

Had I known Mozilla had a program out there earlier I probably would have just went that route in the first place.

So how 'bout you. For those of you who have made the choice, which Email program do you use? I'd make a poll but I'm afraid I'd leave to many off the list.


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i use tmail-sidekick specific email-, gmail, and hotmail...
my tmail is strictly friends and importanto stuff, gmail is work related, and hotmail is everything else...

tmail and gmail are synched with my phone.

do you have to have mozilla browser to have the email provider? whats so grand about them?


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I use Outlook, it's what I have at work and I rarely use my other email any more.
I use hotmail. Been using it since I first started on a computer and never thought about changing. I've gone through about 8 different email accounts, some of which are pretty embarrassing thinking about it now!


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I use outlook express at work, it's quick, reliable and extremely simple to use. I was actually quite excited when my boss said we would all have an outlook account.

At home I still use outlook but my personal e-mail has always been done with Hotmail ever since I started secondary school.


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I don't use a installed client, just Gmail's web client. Reason being is that I don't think I can delete or archive e-mails on the server through my own client (if I can, please inform me). Were I to own my own mail server, I'd use Thunderbird. It is what I was using with Gmail for a while.