Your earliest internet memories?


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When you think back to your very first internet experience, what comes to mind?

It was back in the early 90's for me. We had just got a new computer and AOL was the popular ISP at the time (28.8 dialup at first and soon 56k, which was a nice speed boost at the time lol). The very first thing I ever did on the internet was make a website on AOL. It was a movie fan site. This was back before message boards were popular so all I had was a "Guest Book", if anybody remembers those. We had a crappy java based chat room as well. Might have been IRC but I don't remember.

Anyway, that was my first memory online. What's yours?
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I remember being somewhere around twelve so about ten years ago? Maybe a little earlier where AIM was a heavy breeding ground for cyber sex fueled by their "Find a buddy" wizard and some random girl kept IMing me and asking if I wanted to cyber. It was weird.


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NTL dial up connection XD

I think the first site i ever went on was DoBeDo, it was an avatar based chat room-the rooms were always packed with people and you could move around by clicking a spot; and there was all kinds of portals to enter different rooms with, and you could have your own private room for friends.

It was shut down and eventually only the swedish version was open-i don't think that even exists anymore :(


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I made a website dedicated to The Rugrats (lol) and I remember feeling very proud. It wasn't good in the slightest but I still put a lot of effort into it and would spend time on it each day. I can't remember the website address but I think I used Geocities.


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I got the internet after one of my best friends did, and she showed me a chat room site. Chat Metro... aka Visca Cafe. I don't remember which name it was first. But I chatted there like 10 hours a day every day for 3 years til the owner quit paying for it and it was shut down.


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I think my family's very first ISP was AltaVista, although my earliest memories are from me smuggling phone wires to connect to my modem for Juno. I also remember we had Netzero, TexNews (an ISP by Abilene Reporter News), AltaVista, Bluelight (my personal favorite), and I think maybe FreeI.


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I remember going into KOL chatrooms to talk to random kids. I always tried to talk to the host.

Other than that, I remember making a freewebs dedicated to A Series Unfortunate Events when I was in 7th grade. I thought I was so cool.

Those were the only two ways I ever used the internet until I got a little older. Or at least until they came out with aim.
I remember making a freewebs page with my friends, and getting a Myspace and MSN account. But I had the internet a while before I started using MSN etc... I have no idea what I used to do. My earliest memories of the computer are playing on the sims. After that it just skips straight to freewebs.


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Oh that 56k dial-up modem.. man do I NOT miss those days. One month we had a bill of nearly 500 euro and my parents were like 'this has to stop or we'll go bankrupt!'. :urp:

All I did was play games for like 2 hours in the evening, fun times though :)


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i started using it in school in 5th grade, dont remember what the hell they had me doing. out of school the first net activity was myspace a couple of years ago. later that day i sat up yahoo im, and crashed the pc by porn related virus.