Your dream tatoo?


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Many of you probably are dreaming to have a tat. What do you have in mind? Or what did you want but never get?

This is what I want..



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I like that Randy Orton tattoo, I already have one tattoo it's not my dream one, but this is:

I'm a big fan of Rocky and there's a painting of a Rocky where he's leaning on the ropes in the ring and he's all beat up in the face because he just finished a tough fight. I'd love to have that on my back near my shoulder. Sorry I dont have a picture of my dream tattoo.


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I have no need for a tattoo, and don't really want one... but if I wanted one it would be a Bass Clef tattoo. Bass Clef rocks. Forever.


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I want to get mine finished right nw it is just a koi on my left arm will get waves done to cap shoulder and throw in maybe one more koi, if I get carried away I will go ahead and bring the scene from arm and shoulder across to chest.


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That last one in Oxy's post, wow. It looks bloody awesome.

Is it just me or is the first one on a girl's leg?