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Your dream occupation - Unrealistic


I'm serious
What would be your unrealistic dream job if you could be or do anything in the world, no limitations and money aside?

For me, my unrealistic dream job would be to be a F1 driver. This would never happen for a million reasons, but all things aside, I would LOVE to be an F1 racing driver. :lick:


Registered Member
My unrealistic dream job would be to get highly paid to run around the world climbing various non-technical mountains and taking outdoor photographs of the local flora and fauna, as well as the beautiful scenery. Of course my employer would furnish all of the necessary gear for climbing, equipment for photography and everything I needed.

I know that there are people who have that job, but I actually have no idea what they get paid, where they got trained, what type of training they had or etc.


Registered Member
Mine would be F1 driver as well :D It is one of the few sports I follow, and I love it! I also am a bit of a speed freak, so racing driver would suit me quite well.

But, if I was was being completely unrealistic, then I would have to say an Engineer on board the Enterprise in Star Trek, now that would be awesome!


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Getting paid millions to watch TV and browse the internet from home. That would be absolutely perfect, my another unrealistic job is to be a professional football player.


Be a film director who opens a huge animation studio in Australia, making feature animated films that are as successful as something like Pixar or Dreamworks.


Free Spirit
Staff member
If I were more courageous and motions sickness wasn't a problem I would like to be a astronaut. I think it would be great to be in space and really see this planet and how beautiful it is or come upon the other planets in our solar system and see them for the first time up close and personal.


An NFL quarterback. Incredibly unrealistic but that was one of my dream jobs growing up. I'd much rather be carving up professional defenses, than I would family and friends during a game of two-hand touch. Haha.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I've always wanted to be an astronaut. I want to know the feeling of being one of the select few people to have ever left Earth and walked on another planetary body.


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I'd love to own and run a huge second-hand bookshop, and chasing and collecting real antique, expensive books, and becoming an expert in this kind of thing. :)

Maybe it's not 100% unrealistic, but considering that most second-hand bookshops make next to no money at all, and online second-hand trade causes them to slowly die out, it's not really a viable job for a living.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Sim, I think places like Strand Books will eventually be the end for used book shops. It's a lot easier for them to make money online instead of having a central location because they can sell international. Here's the link in case you find some books you might want:

Books at Strand Books
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